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Championship Xtreme Wrestling is Here! Launch event inside with 1500 fans.


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2 hours ago, CXwrestling said:

There’s an explanation of the grudge when matches were announced. 

we will also have the ring announcer state this when opening the match . 

there will be 4 single matches including a female one. 

the reason we have 2 battle royal with 5 men to start out and then an entrant every minute is so you get that pop at end of both matches so they are quick fire rumbles and the fans familiarise themselves with whos in main event quite quickly and Hopfully builds up tour quite nicely 

we are also having them to ignite feuds for later on in this show as some wrestlers are in battle royale then onto matches later on in card 

It also gets the crowd introduced to our roster and familiar with whos heel and face for later on in show . 

we also have performers who are not on later in card in the battle royales building feuds for show 2 and making alliances etc 

Dude, seriously. Please. 


If you didn't see the World of Sport reboot the other year, they tried to do everything in one show, and it was just exhausting. If you try to do too much in one show, you'll just make nothing memorable.

From what you've said, you're good at one-to-one selling in the local market. If you're not marketing to hardened wrestling fans, you'll be aiming primarily at people who have never been to a wrestling show before. This means, to an extent, your first show should be as simple as possible in order to let people figure it all out.

You would be far more effective with a quarter of what you have booked. Have two high-fliers in your opener, a tag match, a no-holds barred match, and a main event, and you've got yourself a good, basic show. 

The more you throw at people, the more confused they'll be, and the less likely they'll be to come back. 

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On top of all the other issues that people have already mentioned (along with advertising a battle royal that's actually more like a rumble but even then it isn't a rumble so the whole idea of it is just really confusing), there's a huge rookie mistake with the match graphics. A logo for a company that nobody's heard of and a couple of photos of random lads playing dress-up does absolutely nothing to help promote the show. Where's all the stuff that potential customers would actually need to know about? The show date, time, venue, town, postcode and ticket info need to be included on every single piece of promotional material. Every detail, on every graphic. Always.

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I appreciate everyone’s constructive feedback. 
we only want to put on the best show possible for all that attend. 
Thanks for the interest and CXW hope you can make our first show, by the sounds of it, we haven’t won any of you over which is a Shame but all we can do is carry on working hard and learning fast. 

I will post the final card on here once it’s all announced and see what you guys think. 

Thanks for your times, let’s SMASH IT, have a great day💪🏽

Adam . 

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We started today and got 6 sales out and about in village after a few hours( was putting our event poster up in local shops/places) 

We will be attending university and colleges next few weeks as well superstores and high streets at weekends. 

people buy from people is my only tactic in terms of pitching, if you’re nice , no one tell you to piss off  , i also found that today, they wanted something in their diary to look forward too and 4 people who signed up today haven’t ever seen wrestling live, just on tv years and years ago so I’m hoping we can get some fresh meat through the door. 

lonnnnng way to go so head down and get this show sold sold sold . 

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The right side of the flyer is far, far, too crowded, and is also pretty hard going on the eyes.

Is there really any need for a photo of the referee to be on there?

Just have a photo/photos of some of your most impressive looking wrestlers, those who'll grab someone's attention, or those who already have a bit of a name.

*EDIT* Also, it's a struggle to make the wrestlers out from your photo and I imagine the flyer is going to be a fair bit smaller than this.

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1 hour ago, CAREBEAR LUVVA said:

You know Danny Darko recently had a cease and desist over using the Bud Light name and logo, right? Might want to remove it, if you can, just to avoid any hassle.


1 hour ago, CXwrestling said:

Yes, he found out 24 hours after print so our next batch has BUD taken off of pic. 


I find it kind off funny, I find it kind of sad that the quote you meant to put in was the quote you didn't have. 


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1 hour ago, Lion_of_the_Midlands said:


I find it kind off funny, I find it kind of sad that the quote you meant to put in was the quote you didn't have. 


What a mad world. That side of the poster looks like it has a million faces on it.

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