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Championship Xtreme Wrestling is Here! Launch event inside with 1500 fans.


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5 minutes ago, DavidB6937 said:

So are you Flatliner or related to him?

Lol no not at all,I was simply stating he did have a point

I do agree the shitting on the car thing was pretty bad,but there might be some scat lovers out there that would love it

But the main topic of this thread is the CXW show right?

yes it looks dreadfully over booked 

but I mainly bought my ticket cos of some of my favourite guys being on the show 

mainly flatliner,big joe,jonny storm and Ali ok 

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3 hours ago, Dead hero said:

but that’s something that happened over 20 years ago

maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to judge people 

Are you working in dog years?

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9 hours ago, Hoptimus said:

Flatliner comes across as one of those thick as mince English right wing facists who talk about dem Mooselimbs coming over ere to take ova are cuntry with their shakira law and want to kill the good white Christian British ppl with their muslamic ray guns.  

Probably moans about how the Big Issue sellers in Glasgow are all brown skinned and have foreign accents. 

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