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The One Where Taker Leaves Again.

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Just seemed really odd to me, as do a lot of these “farewells” but even more so with Taker due to the gimmick. Here’s a man who’s the Phenom, a creature of darkness. He walks alone and has mystical powers. Oh but here’s some of his mates he bonded with on the road. Oh remember this person he had a feud with? Oh yeah they are mates in real life. But then here’s Kane his brother who he burnt in a fire at the funeral home. Don’t forget the BSK his mates backstage. 

Just doesn’t sit right for me. Do this as a separate show out of character, out of the world they are presenting as wrestling. I’d have loved the Undertaker to have gone similar to Royal Rumble 94 or his Buried Alive marches. Gets defeated. Put in a coffin or grave. Some fancy effects. Undertakers spirit leaves WWE forever. 

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This looks like when a group of mates prank one lad by telling him they’re doing a fancy dress night out, and then everyone bar him shows up to the pub in normal clothes.  

Vince has turned into the Ronald Reagan graphic that greets Marty McFly in the Cafe 80s.  

yeah, it'll all be worth it for a Godwinns & Ghost Of Paul Bearer episode of Table For 3.

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10 minutes ago, Tsurutagun said:

I'm guessing it was to prevent the audience asking "why are Southern Justice here?" 

Guessing this is the right place to talk Survivor Series as a whole? 

Put my thoughts into a spoilers box in case


  Reveal hidden contents

Can we have a different way of ending Battle Royales please. Also did The Miz really need to win

Booking RAW to win the mens Survivor Series match via clean sweep when Smackdown has the bigger audience and the bigger network and you need to build up contenders for Roman was.... interesting 

The women's elimination match was the worst booked match ever. Lana being the sole survivor was the obvious and smart play after the past month of RAW but the they got to it was just garbage. Belair looked like a geek being choked out and Bazler being dq'd and to have Lana win via crying on the steps (which I'm sure is punishment for her tearful monologue on Chronicle) was just bad. Is it really that hard to have Lana fight the odds, 2 vs 1 to win the match for RAW and get some redemption. Bayley was an afterthought despite being the best thing in the women's division in the Performance Center era. The person who eliminates Bayley is pinned quickly after.

Liked the tag match and the Roman/Drew match though 


Yeah, cos everyone remembers Southern Justice.

So no, they didn’t do an angle to set something up for Wrestlemania, good. Is this the last we’ve seen of The Undertaker? Probably not. I’m still of the thinking that he’ll come back when needed.

Will it be at next years Wrestlemania? Highly unlikely, he’d have to be training for it now to get himself ready. But having said that,  I’m going out on a limb and say that he will work some sort of match, cinematic or otherwise, within the next 18 months.

I also don’t know what’s worse, Michael Cole being all snippy and “well actually...” and correcting people, or Corey Graves being all snippy and “well actually...” and being wrong

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It was really anticlimactic. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t what we got. I’m sure old Taker didn’t expect to retire on the set of Fifteen Million Merits to piped in cheers. And where the fuck did everyone go? Why couldn’t they stay ring side or be on the ramp to applaud him like the Flair retirement. 

When everyone was coming out, I was hoping that the vulture he worked with years ago would make an appearance, and right on queue Mick Foleys music hit. 

Also, can we talk about the fact Vince looked he came straight from the mortuary. He looked terrible. And what was up with those eyebrows.

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13 minutes ago, jazzygeofferz said:

I remember Southern Justice.

I need to watch the segment back and see whether I was right about Brian Lee being in the vignette, but then as has been mentioned I don't think it'd make it through the edit if he was. 

As do I, but I guarantee you there’s no-one that knows them as Southern Justice as opposed to The Godwins

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Saw a couple of clips on social media. I swear Vince is morphing into Bobby Durst from The Jinx.

There's something so weird about Undertaker doing the 'having to pause because the crowd is chanting' thing with a pre-recorded sound-effect crowd.

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I had this show on in the background this morning. I very much enjoyed the nostalgic return of the Gobbeldy Gooker. 

I also loved the video package they put together for Undertaker between The Lads coming out and the 90s videogame music. It reminded me why Undertaker was always my absolute favourite, even if the last few years of Saudi Shitshows have dented that somewhat. I thought, you know what, they might Get me here.

They didn't. The actual bit with Undertaker was a Partridge Shrug Gif of a situation and the combination of The Lads not actually being there with him, and the piped in crowd noise, meant I don't believe at all that he's really done, even if he is. And I'm fine if he is. He doesn't need to do anything more. But I don't think this is it.

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1 hour ago, boshealecta said:

I’d have loved the Undertaker to have gone similar to Royal Rumble 94 or his Buried Alive marches. Gets defeated. Put in a coffin or grave. Some fancy effects. Undertakers spirit leaves WWE forever. 

They can't really do that, though, because they've done it so many times before. If The Undertaker's buried or shoved in a coffin or whatever, that's a signal that he's coming back at the Royal Rumble, not that he's gone forever. 

I blame the Ric Flair retirement being the first high profile retirement of this "era", and having all his mates come out and pay tribute. People think that's what a retirement has to look like, so they had to do the exact same thing for Undertaker. I'm not suggesting he should have gone out like Hogan, wrestling a Dudley Boy on a Manchester house show, but the idea that everyone gets this huge send-off is a bit of a modern invention.

The Undertaker as a character and, seemingly, just as a bloke, is better suited to leaving quietly. Thing is, he's left quietly enough already - the coat and hat left in the ring, the end of the streak, riding his motorbike off into the night, or every single time he's stood, raised his arm, and looked behind him like it might be the last time. Maybe this was more about convincing himself than anything else.

Guaranteed he'll be back the next time Vince needs a hand selling tickets at the Garden, though. He'll be a "ringside enforcer" for a Wrestlemania match, or he'll show up for a nostalgia pop and chokeslam a mouthy heel. He'll go into the Hall of Fame next year and we'll go through all the pomp and ceremony all over again, and we'll get yet another opportunity to "pay respect to the legend of The Undertaker". And in ten years' time people will still be predicting that he's going to wrestle Sting.

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1 hour ago, Kfogg1991 said:

And to think they actually sold this PPV on box office over here as takers last ever match.......good god that was a disappointment 

Did they? I'm pretty sure it was always marketed as his "Final Farewell". I can see why anyone could have many valid complaints about the way this was handled, but to say the marketing was misleading is surely not among them. 

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