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UKFF Questions Thread v3

Otto Dem Wanz

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14 hours ago, bAzTNM#1 said:

What was the deal with Silver Vision losing the WWE DVD contract? Simply outbid by Freemantle? I read a story on here but it can't possibly be true, so I won't repeat it until somebody hits me with me it. Yeah!

Can't remember if it's covered, but this thread contains a shitload of info.


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On 10/12/2021 at 1:17 PM, Cheapheat said:

Thanks guys really appreciate it. To clarify a bit further. Looking for something for a smaller baby-face to steal some convincing wins with. Really appreciate any of your insights. 

The wonderfully named 120% Schoolboy - at least 20% better than when Charlotte tries to do it.


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