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Quindarious Gooch.

We've got a new starter at work called Agnes Grimditch, who I imagine worked at Hogwarts prior to joining. 

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On 2/8/2020 at 7:09 PM, Kaz Hayashi said:

I met Dennis Fist today.
He claims he was a dentist who apparently lost it all by investing his savings in a start up tooth paste company, but one of the owners was sent down after a massive drugs bust.
He’s planning to bounce back by opening up a library on wheels, “but only go around the Posh streets”.

I really hope I see him again tomorrow. 

Edit - Just found out it’s actually Dennis Pfist, and that whilst the shady investment was true, the library thing is just him talking bollocks. I’m hugely disappointed.

Den Pfist? 



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Ha, weirdly this thread was showing as not updated since March 11th when I posted that!



EDIT: managed to miss out the word "11th", making this whole thing even stupider.

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