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  1. I think NGP is probably my favourite wrestling related podcast alongside SCG , I'd like to take a tiny part credit for the concept of their Billly Joel, Hogan Jobbed To Fire song, i even wrote a full version of my own and sent to Stewart. They seem like genuinely top blokes and some of Paul's stories are genuinely hilarious
  2. At least we got mr motivator popping up to tell us that the power rangers were specially trained and not to copy them what kid didn’t want to twat his mate whilst pretending he was putty
  3. I've bolded my personal favourites from that list, i'd probably say Lamb & Flag my favourite of the lot, great scratchings there as well Of the others, King's Arms is quite nice but probably one of the most expensive in the City, Four Candles the better of the two 'Spoons, Grapes has just reopened but was always decent before, Wig is a bit 'chainy'. Not been to Turl Street Kitchen, unforunately the old Turl bar on Turl street is long gone Not mentioned but I'd suggest The White Horse in Broad St (not far from Kings Arms) , very small but lovely pub , and used in alot of Morse, The Plough has recently opened on Cornmarket St (the walk between The Crown and Three Goats Heads) which was an ancient pub which then became a shop but has now been turned back, so may be worth a visit
  4. Which pubs do you have on the list? I’ll let you know if any of them are worth swerving
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