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Quindarious Gooch.

We've got a new starter at work called Agnes Grimditch, who I imagine worked at Hogwarts prior to joining. 

A friend of mine went to Uni doing a masters with a Nigerian man named Brilliant Pongo.

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3 hours ago, Factotum said:

There's a guy at work called Dirk Badger. Found out he has a PHD as well, so he's referred to a Dr. Dirk Badger. I just imagine a badger in a tweed jacket smoking a pip every time he sends me an e-mail.

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Ooh, forgot another couple of name's at my friend's school:

- A teacher called Heidi Benzing-Shears (which sounds like garden equipment, or one of the tools you can buy in the boardgame Sagrada)

- Their I.T. administrator who sounds like a powerful warlock or sorcerer - Zoltan Szyszlak (relative of Mo?)

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