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  1. The match between Cody & Dustin Rhodes at AEW Double or Nothing 2019 happened a month after Dustin turned 50. I was wondering today what other really good singles matches have taken place with one (or both) of the participants being over 50. The ones that immediately sprung to my mind were Flair's matches with Undertaker at WM18, with Triple H on Raw in 2003, and his retirement match with Shawn Michaels. Terry Funk's run as ECW Champion beginning at the Barely Legal PPV was when he was 53 years old, but I found the match quality to be a bit iffy that year. The barbed wire match with Sabu was memorable, but I probably wouldn't put it on a list of great matches. Ricky Steamboat was 56 when he had that mini-comeback in 2009 starting at WrestleMania 25 and ending with a very enjoyable match with Chris Jericho at Backlash the next month. I know a lot of other guys continued wrestling in their fifties, so what other great matches can people think of?
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    Yesterday was the 30th Anniversary of the show first being aired on TV. Also, the ‘Talking Bottom’ podcast uploaded an interview with Mark Lambert yesterday. You probably won’t recognise the name, but you will recognise the face!
  3. I reckon the changeover must have happened late in the evening because looking at the full list on that link, loads of people - myself included - re-registered on the 18th. It's nice to see that a fair few are still here 20 years on too. 👍
  4. I saw John Bishop last night at my local venue. He started by saying he doesn't usually have a support act, but due to Comedians losing so much work due to COVD lockdowns he wanted to give a couple of young talents a break by bringing them along with him. After they both did their 15 minute sets (Mat Reed who was ok and Scott Bennett who was fantastic) Bishop came out after the interval and it quickly became apparent he only had about 20 minutes of material which he stretched out for an hour. "Giving these lads a break" was seemingly an excuse for not being ready for this tour. It was worth going as I am now aware of Scott Bennett, but Bishop doing a story about being in the Liverpool FC directors box and listing every ex-player who was in the room felt like it lasted an eternity. "Ronnie Whelan and his wife were there... err... Phil Thompson was there .... and his wife ..."
  5. That was and is a hill I'm willing to die on. They went FIVE MONTHS from early February to the end of July without having a televised tag match. I remember seeing the top 5 rankings which showed Young Bucks, Varsity Blondes, & The Acclaimed had all wrestled literally twice as many matches as FTR in 2021. It's fair to point out that in the first half of 2021 they became part of The Pinnacle, a main event faction, which sounds like a big push. But they were then lost in various multi-man matches and they were on screen literally less than 3 minutes in the 32 minute Stadium Stampede match. I don't know what has changed since Cash's injury, but I'm delighted to see them on TV regularly now and can't wait for that match with Darby & Sting. The commentators constantly telling us they are the best tag team in the world made no sense for most of this year, but now they are finally getting their chance to prove it.
  6. There’s more to this contempt for wrestling fans than people are admitting here. Brock Lesnar Guy and his mates have been called every derogatory name you can imagine on here for almost an entire decade, their only crimes being getting good seats and enjoying the shows.
  7. Today at Yorkshire Wildlife Park I was wearing a Randy Savage shirt. I walked past a guy who pointed at it and said “Nice shirt mate”. Instead of assuming he must be some kind of weirdo like many of you apparently would have, I thought he was probably just being friendly and said “Thanks mate”. The end.
  8. Deonna Purrazzo was the guest on yesterday's new episode of Renee Young/Paquette's podcast. I didn't have an opinion on her positively or negatively before, but I didn't think she came off very well in it. She brought up a few times how baffled she was why she was released from NXT as they wouldn't give her a reason, but then tell stories about how she would be in Matt Bloom's office screaming across the table at him and how she told management that Serena Deeb couldn't teach her anything because they were both trained by the same person!
  9. He was going to give him a run though, in that scenario, just changing his name first. They have always done this in WWE because they believe sports-entertainment fans are too stupid to understand if two people on the same show have the same name. That's why Lance Cade became Garrison, Shane Helms became Gregory, and so on.
  10. That was absolutely not the point I was making. I was questioning the claim that the cage match is one of the greatest tag team matches of all time. I wouldn't include it in that conversation, but - having really enjoyed the match - I would say it was one of the greatest steel cage matches I have ever seen.
  11. But there are no tags! Shouldn’t tag matches have tags?! Canadian Stampede 1997 as another example. It was a multi man tag match, so in terms of classic tag matches I’d have that on the “Greatest Tag Matche’s” shortlist ahead of any TLC or Cage match. I’m not narrow-minded enough to totally discount the other point of view, but the “tag” part is the important part for what I look for in matches involving opposing teams.
  12. I agree that styles have to evolve. But if there are no tags, it surely can’t be on the shortlist of greatest tag matches. The 1992 War Games match is one of the greatest matches I’ve ever seen. But I wouldn’t put that on the list either!
  13. 100%. Their greatest matches have always been the ones where it is four blokes taking it in turn doing cool spots, that Revolution match against Omega & Hangman last year being a prime example. To me, tag team wrestling is a proper art form, separate from what makes a great singles match. You have opportunity to do the anticipation of a hot tag, distracting the ref to hinder the opponents tag or do a double team move behind his back, and so on. Bucks don’t do that, they just have Rick Knox stand in the corner out of the way and keep doing spots. They have said in many interviews that the Hardyz were their favourite team growing up. Another team whose greatest matches didn’t even include any Tags. Ladder matches, cage matches, etc. Everything they do is always done really well, but the style isn’t for me.
  14. Last night, Steen* tweeted (and later deleted) the co-ordinates to Mount Rushmore. ’Mount Rushmore’ was the name of the faction he was in alongside The Young Bucks & Adam Cole in PWG. * Stop calling Kev by his slave name, ya marks.
  15. Don't suppose you know the name of the documentary and where you saw it, do you?
  16. I heard the same thing said personally queueing up for NXT Takeover Brooklyn in 2015. This is what I wrote on the UKFF at the time...
  17. For me, all Young Bucks matches can be summed up the same: Flawlessly executed throughout, some creative & insane spots, but I will remember nothing about it in a month’s time. Meltzer gave their ladder match at All Out 2019 5.25 stars and I literally only remember the Canadian destroyer through the table spot.
  18. Bruce Prichard has said the booking of Survivor Series 1998 was done with the idea of building towards Austin vs Rock at WM15. Mick Foley wrote in his book that it was made clear when his feud with Rock began it was to elevate Rock’s status so that he could go into a WrestleMania programme with Austin. While I can believe they did Big Show’s debut at St Valentine’s Day Massacre without really having a plan on what to do next, I don’t believe changing the WM15 main event they started building towards back in November was ever going to happen.
  19. I was dumbfounded when so many people heaped praise on that Young Bucks vs Hangman Page & Kenny Omega match at AEW Revolution 2020. I love tag team wrestling, specifically things like distracting the referee in order to do a double team, having the crowd get behind a guy being beat down so he can make a hot tag, using the 5 count to your advantage, etc. But that match had none of that, it was just four very talented wrestlers taking it in turns to do high spots one after the other until all four had hit all of their signature moves/spots.
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