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  1. Violent J (Animal in that photo) said earlier this year they would no longer be touring due to some of his health issues.
  2. That line MJF did last week about Darby Allin looking like a “school shooter” went right over Dave Meltzer’s head.
  3. Fuck's sake. I was not expecting to see a major AEW Dynamite spoiler reading through the comments for that tweet! Tread carefully everybody.
  4. I agree with him. What did we miss or overlook in those two matches?
  5. I was going to say that is not controversial, but then remembered I used the same word when tweeting about it last year. It felt like the people in charge didn’t have a role for their mate so agreed to let him do a few minutes of his weird standup in each episode.
  6. The match between Cody & Dustin Rhodes at AEW Double or Nothing 2019 happened a month after Dustin turned 50. I was wondering today what other really good singles matches have taken place with one (or both) of the participants being over 50. The ones that immediately sprung to my mind were Flair's matches with Undertaker at WM18, with Triple H on Raw in 2003, and his retirement match with Shawn Michaels. Terry Funk's run as ECW Champion beginning at the Barely Legal PPV was when he was 53 years old, but I found the match quality to be a bit iffy that year. The barbed wire match with Sabu was memorable, but I probably wouldn't put it on a list of great matches. Ricky Steamboat was 56 when he had that mini-comeback in 2009 starting at WrestleMania 25 and ending with a very enjoyable match with Chris Jericho at Backlash the next month. I know a lot of other guys continued wrestling in their fifties, so what other great matches can people think of?
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