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  1. She was the guest on a Talk Is Jericho podcast last year and they talked about being in contact all these years. It was an interesting interview.
  2. I've been watching each series of Tough Enough in order. I am nearing the end of Season 3 (which has been very good) and one of the kids did a phenomenal rib. Details are below...
  3. That post reminded me that I'm interested in any good podcasts discussing ECW, so all recommendations gratefully received!
  4. Mid South Moments is new podcast this year reviewing episodes of the weekly Mid South Wrestling show starting from 1984. All of the 40 minute TV shows being reviewed each week are on both WWE Network and in full on YouTube from an era where Magnum TA, Junkyard Dog, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Midnight Express, Rock N Roll Express, and others are doing their thing. It is hosted by a former UKFFer (guts316) and each week he has a guest reviewer. The format tends to be the two hosts talking about how they first became fans of wrestling before getting in to the show review itself. Previous guests have included ECW referee Jim Molineaux, a fan who regularly sat ringside at those shows in that era, and Ben Spindler formerly from WrestleTalk TV. On this week's episode (Episode 14) I am the guest host, but you should still give it a listen anyway:
  5. I watched the 2010 Elimination Chamber match this morning. During Kofi Kingston's entrance he did his usual 2010 mannerisms but he subtly glanced over his shoulder a few times, which was a callback to the previous year's Elimination Chamber when Edge ambushed him during his entrance and took his place in the match. I was impressed with the fact it was quite subtle, but then right before he got inside Michael Cole explained the whole thing which took the shine off.
  6. Pretty sure Bret used the Figure 4 around the ring-post for the first time in his Survivor Series 1996 match with Steve Austin. He was coming back from 7 months off with new gear and new moves!
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