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  1. There won't be a Twitter witch-hunt trying to get him blackballed from whatever industry he works in, unlike what I imagine is happening right now to Nyla Rose. If the guy was a wrestler, some fans would be trying to get him fired right now too.
  2. It was the period in 2007 where he started to lose his marbles (again) in storyline - beginning with him having his head shaved at WrestleMania in April, through a run as being ECW World Champion in May and that clip on the video was just before the storyline finished with him being blown up in the limo in June.
  3. It's always been the case: Michael Cole has been doing it for 20 years straight, Joey Styles & Tony Schiavone did it every week in the 90's. They are all trying to put across the notion that what is happening is a huge deal, but some are more annoying than others when doing that. I regularly watch NXT and have never had a problem with Ranallo, Matt Striker is the worst one I have ever heard. I think it was WrestleMania 26 when Cole was calling a Triple H match by describing the moves and the usual stuff when Striker suddenly piped up "Triple H is the ACE OF SPADES!". An awkward silence followed before Cole carried on calling the match.
  4. I came in to mention that too. Marvellous work.
  5. Beulah McGillicutty did her first ever Podcast appearance on this week's episode of Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore. She spoke for an hour about how she first entered the business and then her involvement in the ECW Dreamer/Raven feud, but they ran out of time at that point. Hopefully there will be a second part discussing the rest of her ECW run and both of her One Night Stand appearances.
  6. Seems that people realised most of the NXT roster do not have any merch, so they have released t-shirts for most of them all in one go. It's getting a lot of critisism online because of how generic and boring most of the designs are. I think that critisism is fair enough because it looks like they have just found various fonts to write each superstars name on a black shirt in most cases:
  7. Whilst probably true, it also ties in to the "wins & losses matter" discussion as teams had to qualify and earn their spots in this tournament. A team doing a surprise run-in at the show before the Tournament begins certainly should not be considered for that Tournament in that case. Then if they rack up some impressive wins in the meantime (against Evans/Angelico to start with - also not in the Tournament) they will be a good feud for the newly crowned Champions. I like it.
  8. I followed it on Twitter for a while this afternoon. He kept stressing that he needed all of his “employees” phone numbers for emergencies, but she said she has always dealt with other promoters via Messenger or Email. Surely a phone number “in case of emergency” concerning wrestling would be a next of kin (in case of injury for example) wouldn’t it? The only thing I can think of where the promoter would need to contact a wrestler due to an emergency would be a cancellation. So if the person involved would prefer to use Messenger or Email, that’s their call.
  9. Replace Seth with CM Punk and Bray with Ryback and this is what everybody was saying in September 2012. And we were right: Ryback never recovered.
  10. My point wasn't that the same two people can't feud multiple times, it's that they feuded once before and wasn't good. Other than Wyatt wearing a mask this time and Undertaker being 4 years further into his fifties, I don't see how it would be any different.
  11. Anyone getting their hopes up for that happening deserves to be disappointed. They already had a programme that led to a WrestleMania match just 4 years ago. Everything about it was bad.
  12. dopper

    AEW All Out

    Yeah. This definitely isn’t the forum for pointless, worthless discussion. * Heads over to the dreams-you-had-with-wrestlers-in-them topic.
  13. dopper

    AEW All Out

    Dave Meltzer has stated that Young Bucks vs Lucha Brothers was the greatest ladder match of all time. I know now it’s been a running joke all year how he has reviewed AEW matches with a gigantic lack of objectivity - the mess of a Battle Royal at Double or Nothing getting a higher rating than Hogan vs Rock at WM18 for example - but his bias has reached a whole new level here. He expands on this opinion here:
  14. dopper

    AEW All Out

    Anyone know Marty Scurll's contract status? I remember around New Year leading up to the announcement about AEW starting up, people mentioned Marty had another year left on his ROH contract, but I don't remember seeing anything specific. Him reuniting with the rest of the "Being The Elite" crew would go down really really well with that audience.
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