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  1. Funny you should mention that. She was practicing something along those lines earlier this week. https://twitter.com/beapriestley/status/1215915285410189312?s=21
  2. I went to a comic-con in London in 2015 which he was a guest at. Rocky Johnson was signing autographs at a desk sitting next to Road Warrior Animal. I approached because I wanted Animal to sign my copy of his book, but they were mid-conversation. "Tony Atlas could pick people up, but he didn't know how to work!" was the first thing I heard him say before they tried to work out how many famous teams they had both worked opposite. As the conversation ended I did the transaction with Animal and Rocky interjected to say "Sorry for keeping you waiting, young man". Then when I ballsed-up taking a selfie on my phone with Animal, he offered to take the photo of us for me. Nice bloke. R.I.P.
  3. He has now publicly and privately apologised.
  4. Blimey, I'm surprised they are doing a Saudi show between Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. Knowing how they have promoted previous Saudia Arabia shows as being "Even bigger than WrestleMania", I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of what happens at the Rumble leads in to that show and then the proper build to WM36 begins afterwards at the end of February.
  5. I thought it was a great show, enjoyed every match. But the feeling I had at the end was that Devlin needed the win way more that Bate did. Tyler Bate has had a good run with the UK Title and also unsuccessfully challenged for it at the last UK Takeover. Compare that to Jordan Devlin who is in the form of his life and seemingly ready for a big push on this brand, but he lost.
  6. No sports channel in their right mind in 2019 would “lap up” one of their analysts publicly telling someone to go and suck a dick.
  7. Going to get himself fired because he’s still not over the fact Vince chose Miz over him almost a decade ago. Punk said in his 2012 documentary that he had no problem with Miz, but reacting like that to a fairly standard in-character heel promo suggests otherwise.
  8. Biggest letdown (Anticlimax of the Year) - Kenny Omega being back in America full-time.
  9. Best pro wrestler - Chris Jericho Best women's wrestler - Io Shirai Match of the Year - Cody v Dustin Rhodes (Double or Nothing) Best wrestling event - NXT Takeover XXV Best wrestling show - NXT Best feud or angle - Kofi Kingston's battle to become Number 1 contender at WrestleMania Moment of the Year - Jon Moxley debuts at AEW Double Or Nothing Best babyface - Candice Lerae Best heel - Chris Jericho, Drake Maverick Funniest moment of the year - Dash Wilder uppercutting the fan as they were escorting him out of the Hall Of Fame Best tag team - Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly Best wrestling podcast - New Day: Feel The Power Best use of social media - Oney Lorcan, Chuck Taylor
  10. Film of the Year Avengers: Endgame TV Show of the year This Time With Alan Partridge Sports moment of the year England win the Cricket World Cup
  11. Greatest moment of the decade Brock Lesnar ends Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania XXX Mark Henry fake retirement Four Horsewomen farewell after the Sasha vs Bayley match at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn Funniest moment of the decade Fans hijack the Cena/Orton segment on RAW before TLC 2013 by chanting Daniel Bryan throughout Jericho says "A Little Bit of The Bubbly" Titus O Neil falls over during his entrance at The Greatest Royal Rumble Best Event of the decade NXT Takeover: R-Evolution (December 2014) NXT Takeover: Brooklyn (August 2015) NXT Takeover: Dallas (April 2016) Best match of the decade Sami Zayn vs Antonio Cesaro - 2/3 Falls Match (NXT TV: September 2013) Sasha Banks vs Bayley (NXT Takeover: Brooklyn) Triple H & Stephanie vs Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey (WrestleMania 34) Best male wrestler of the decade AJ Styles Daniel Bryan Brock Lesnar Best female wrestler of the decade Sasha Banks Charlotte Flair Ronda Rousey Worst event of the decade WrestleMania 27 Royal Rumble 2011 Royal Rumble 2012 Worst match of the decade Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon (WrestleMania 26) Undertaker vs Shane McMahon (WrestleMania 32) Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton (WrestleMania 33) Worst wrestler of the decade Dolph Ziggler Shane McMahon Alicia Fox
  12. Best British Wrestler: Robbie X, Matt Myers, PAC Best British Match: Nathan Cruz vs Adam Maxted vs Justin Sysum Ladder Match (NGW), Robbie X vs Ricky Knight Jr Iron Man match (BWR), Sweet Saraya vs Rhio (BWR) Best British Promotion: BWR (British Wrestling Revolution)
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