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  1. Same thing happened in 2015. Zayn was in good shape early in the year while feuding with Owens, then had 6 months off after getting the collarbone injury and came back at the end of the year in worse shape than when he left. It’s interesting how some people come back from a layoff in much better shape - like Owens this year and Ambrose last year - whereas others come back looking less ripped than when they left. Edge’s comeback at Royal Rumble 2010 for example.
  2. It was the same at the Evolution ppv last year.
  3. Meltzer has given Gargano vs Cole 5.5 stars. That makes this - in his opinion - the best WWE match of all time.
  4. I stayed there in 2015. Really nice and in a perfect location, the only complaint was the prices in the restaurant. But it’s quite fancy in there.
  5. Friday afternoon for me. Enjoying reading the updates from those already there in the meantime.
  6. WWE have announced Joan Jett will do a live performance of 'Bad Reputation' for Ronda Rousey's entrance at WrestleMania.
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