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  1. “It’s today then”. I remember thinking four years ago how funny it was. Some arrogant narcissist sitting in the position of arguably the most powerful man in the world telling everyone how he is the best at everything. But then it stopped being funny.
  2. dopper

    Vintage Bintage

    Susannah Hoffs (lead singer of ‘The Bangles’) is 62 years old today. This photo is only 4 or 5 years old.
  3. I read on Twitter - I think it was a tweet by @JNLister- that they only have to get a 2/3 majority of everybody who votes. Anybody who chooses not to vote (e.g. Republicans who don’t want to publicly turn on Trump, but privately want him out) are not included. If I’ve got that right, it could end up being way more than 2/3 in favour of convicting.
  4. Most of the people in this video have THIS week pleaded for unity and working together for a smooth transition. But the video shows them encouraging everybody to do the exact opposite of that LAST week!
  5. Tim: "What are you doing in Sheffield?" Mike: "I fell asleep on the Tube" Tim: "The Tube doesn't go to Sheffield" Mike: "Yeah I know, I must have changed at Kings Cross"
  6. Mac helping Charlie hang a Christmas decoration... Mac: "A little more to the left" Charlie: "Your left or my left?" Mac: "Your left and my left are the same because we're facing the same direction" Charlie: "But we're two different people. We can't have the same left, that doesn't make any sense"
  7. Thanks very much for that tip @Bohan. My 5 year old was gutted he couldn't get a Chris Jericho with his xmas spending money, and sadly they are now out of stock in that sale too. But I got a Cody Rhodes & Kenny Omega just now which might make up for it!
  8. That is surely the ONLY reason he has done that, less than 24 hours after telling his supporters he will never concede.
  9. Videos circulating on Twitter of the woman being shot who later died, usually under titles along the lines of UNARMED PROTESTER SHOT BY COPS. It looked like she was just minding her own business breaking into a government building by climbing up through a smashed window and they shot her for no reason.
  10. Don't get me wrong: I want Pence to go down with the other Trump cronies. They all deserve the humiliation and ruined reputations that are coming their way, but I don't like how when Trump tells his followers that a specific person will be responsible if things don't go his way - as famously shown in 2020 with Fauci - they start getting death threats from the insane MAGA crowd. Even a scumbag like Pence doesn't deserve that.
  11. Twice already today Trump has very publicly encouraged Mike Pence to overturn things, putting all of the focus on him. Knowing how MAGA supporters have sent death threats to governors, Dr. Fauci, Nancy Pelosi, and others after that have expressed different opinions to Trump - I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say these tweets are putting Mike Pence’s life at risk. The piece of shit knows exactly what he’s doing, and regardless of what people think of Pence nobody should be put in the firing line like this.
  12. Trump was always preaching during the BLM protests that his supporters are on the side of Law & Order and “Blue Lives Matter”. But last night there were plenty of tweets like this one ahead of today’s MAGA March, which leads me to believe the Police are the latest group that the MAGA collective are turning on. Hopefully everybody else stays home today and leaves them to March & yell their hearts out.
  13. I think it’s fair to say The Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz, and Edge & Christian are somewhere in the shortlist of greatest tag teams in the past 30 years. I love their TLC matches, Tables matches, and Cage matches as much as anyone. But today I was thinking about the best non-gimmick matches those three teams were involved in against each other or against entirely different tandems. And I struggled! Edge & Christian vs Hardyz first time on ppv at King Of The Ring 1999 was good I remember. I really enjoyed Dudley Boyz vs Eliminators at ECW Barely Legal but m
  14. I think “too little, too late” is harsh on Keller. He posted a statement the same day that the article blew up saying it had not gone through the usual editing process before being published on their site and apologised for that. Then the next day he had fired the guy who he had worked alongside for 30 years because it was the right thing to do.
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