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  1. I remember him appearing on late-night programmes in the early 90's, some of those Clive James shows maybe? At one of William Regal's "An Evening With..." shows a few years ago he was supported by a magician/illusionist called Mat Ricardo, and he did a trick where he appeared to slice through his forearm with a big knife - that was the thing that immediately reminded me of The Amazing Jonathan.
  2. There has been a lot of positive feedback so it will happen again, they even teased the next Rated R main event when our boys challenged the RISE boys to a Team Deathmatch at the end of Friday's show. Events announced currently are as follows: 2nd Anniversary Show at Memorial Hall on July 5th (big family show with some big names coming in for it) Underground 5 at Lucarly's on 24th August (smaller family show with mostly local talent only) Youth In Revolt at Lucarly's on 11th October (I think this will just feature people who have come through the BWR training school) The Last Stand at Memorial Hall on 30th November (big family show with big names expected to come in for it) Plenty of room around those dates for more shows to be added. I wouldn't want to see shows like Rated R all the time, but if they did one every 3 months or so it would definitely be something to look forward to.
  3. Totally agree about the venue, perfect setting for the over-18's only shows and a stark contrast to the very nice Memorial Hall where the regular shows take place. They said on twitter over the weekend that they are going to keep it separated like that in order to give each show it's own identity. Even the ring announcing: usually it is Richard Young who used to be a FWA referee and he's great at keeping the family crowds lively. At Rated R though they brought in some other guy who is funny and keeps that audience going too. Iceman said that his entire body went numb after that dodgy bump at ringside, that led to them finishing the match early. The guy handing out shots often wrestles for the company. He's tagged with Grado a few times and is lots of fun.
  4. BWR's Second Anniversary Show is coming up in Cleethorpes. Lots of names announced - see poster - and the first two matches too: One year after Joseph Conners lost the BWR Heavyweight Championship in a 3-way match with Pete Dunne & Jimmy Havoc, he is attempting to reclaim that Title challenging Jack Jester. Jester won the Title back in December with a Tombstone Piledriver off the top rope through a steel chair, and has been dominant ever since. Also there will be a Anarchy Briefcase Ladder Match in which six wrestlers will challenge to grab the briefcase guaranteeing them a Championship match at a time of their choosing in the next 12 months. Tickets went on sale yesterday and, according to the lady on the phone when I got mine today, are going very fast.
  5. Still better than Kidman's.
  6. Jack Whitehall is starring alongside Dwayne Johnson & Emily Blunt in a Disney film that is coming out next year, so he might be on the verge of making it big in America.
  7. THIS IS ONE CONTINUOUS TOPIC FOR ALL BRITISH REVOLUTION WRESTLING EVENTS. IT WAS STARTED IN EARLY 2018 WITH THE FIRST POST SHOWN BELOW, AND NEW POSTS ARE ADDED EACH TIME THERE IS SOMETHING TO ADD! Not sure if anybody outside of this area will be aware of BWR, but they are putting together a really good string of shows each month in North East Lincolnshire, usually having matches in which big names from the UK scene go against some local young talent. The debut show 'Uprising' was in July and the card included Joseph Conners, Bubblegum, & Robbie X. That was followed by 'No Turning Back' which again featured Conners & Bubblegum along with Lana Austin, and Stevie Knight was the guest referee for the main event which was Doug Williams versus a local guy Simon Lancaster. Joseph Conners won the BWR Championship Tournament at their third show in September, 'Take The Throne', and he defended it against Dave Mastiff at 'The Last Stand' in October. El Ligero also debuted on that show and there was a crazy steel cage match with two local guys who had been feuding throughout these first few shows. This past Friday night saw Conners successfully defend the BWR Title against Bubblegum at 'Ignition' and then issued a challenge to Pete Dunne. Also on the card Mark Andrews debuted against a local high flyer Tom Weaver and Lana Austin faced Mae Young Classic participant Ayesha Raymond. Over the weekend, they announced Pete Dunne accepted the challenge from Joseph Conners and they will meet in the main event of the next show 'No Gods No Masters' in Cleethorpes on Friday March 2nd. Also scheduled to appear are Jimmy Havoc in a hardcore match, Kay Lee Ray, El Ligero, Robbie X, Tyson T-Bone and more. This is big news locally as the Cleethorpes Memorial Hall used to be a hotbed for wrestling up until Davey Boy Smith wrestled there in 1993. There has not been another wrestling show in that building since. Up until it was demolished over a decade ago, the FWA used to have shows in the Cleethorpes Winter Gardens during their hot spell in 2003/2004. Tickets went on sale this morning at the following places: Solid Entertainments, 46 Wellowgate, Grimsby, DN32 0RA Telephone: 01472 349222Online: http://www.solidentertainments.com/presents.htm#BWR
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