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  1. Jerry Seinfeld did an episode of "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" with Carl Reiner as the guest. It's on Netflix. As well as going to get coffee, Seinfeld went to Reiner's house to join him doing what he did most nights at that point in his life (2012) which was having Mel Brooks come over and they would eat takeaways with trays on their knee and watch game shows on TV. It was very heartwarming to see two comedy legends in the twilight of their lives happily just doing what normal people do and making each other laugh.
  2. Going slightly off-topic, but based on the title of this topic: It always annoyed me on Edge & Christian's podcast when Edge would say (pre-2019 TV deal) that he doesn't think of moving from NXT to Raw or SmackDown as a step up, more of a step across. He meant it as a compliment to NXT and their wrestlers, believing their characters & matches are just as good if not better than on Raw or SmackDown. But it's a ridiculous point when NXT wrestlers were at that time earning developmental money, not being seen on TV, and doing house shows in front of hundreds of fans as opposed to 10,000/20,000 fans on the main roster. Add in merchandise royalties too, and of course everybody in NXT must have been dreaming off moving up. Back on-topic: Emma was moved up to the main roster (the first time) too quickly in my opinion, to team up with Santino in early 2014. She was just coming off some very good matches with Paige and the character had really caught on, just as all four of the NXT horsewomen were starting to blossom too. So seeing Emma mixing with any/all of those characters would have been great. Particularly heel Charlotte and heel Sasha Banks. When she then did return to NXT as a heel, it was around the time they had already made the jump so we just got that good match with Asuka at Takeover London and not much else.
  3. This to me is an example of when the kids say "I can hear this picture". Re-united with Clive James. R.I.P.
  4. I think Sasha Banks may have saved Sammy’s job by reaching out to him yesterday. Credit to her for approaching the situation in that manner.
  5. If you'd quoted the next 5 words after that, you would see what he meant. You've sort of proved the point @HeavyT was making, about needing a bit more context and detail before condemning someone based only on a single sentence (or tweet). Asking a woman for a drink and then being told she is 17 is one thing, finding out somebody is 17 and then asking her to go for a drink is very different.
  6. I was just typing out something similar using that exact same example. Expose Wrestling & Sierra Loxton are doing a great job revealing the stories about people sexually assaulting, harassing, & blackmailing people. Inexcusable stuff that deserves a blacklisting at the very least. But retweeting and sharing stories on those same pages about lads trying and failing to persuade a girl to go back to his room, or another example which Sierra Loxton described as “messaging my friend about her body, being creepy” is not the same thing.
  7. I remember the first time I watched WWE at Sheffield Arena in 1993 I was sat a few rows away from the instantly recognisable Willie Thorne. Then when I went to see WWE there again the following year I saw Willie queueing up outside before the show. From that point on it became a running thing each time my friends and/or I went to a WWE show at Sheffield. I think the most recent sighting was 2011 or 2012, so as well as him being a universally liked bloke for many reasons (based on what I've read this morning) he evidently was a wrestling fan too.
  8. There is an ongoing pandemic, they are rioting in the streets, and Trump is throwing himself a belated birthday party this weekend. I suspect not all of those one million people are supporting him, and expect shit to go down.
  9. Any suggestions or advice for somebody whose 5 year old son has suddenly decided he hates brushing his teeth, leading to tantrums and screaming every morning and every evening? It's not the toothbrush or the toothpaste that's the issue, up until yesterday he was fine with both. Yesterday and this morning were hellacious though for some reason.
  10. Holding my hands up, that's fair. I took a break from arguing with a work colleague who claimed "The black people are going a bit overboard still protesting" to visit the UKFF and that miserable retort was my contribution. Sorry lads. I have watched a fair bit of 1984 Mid-South this year and at that stage Mr Wrestling II was in his fifties, after a couple of previous retirements and he was the top heel involved in an excellent slow-burning feud with Magnum TA back then. R.I.P.
  11. To everybody else: I googled it, it's nothing exciting. (Carter invited him to his inauguration but the Secret Service insisted he go without his mask so he didn't go. The end)
  12. Elias & Kevin Owens did a promo in Seattle on a random Monday Night Raw in 2018 which got them both insane heat. I don’t know what caused it, Elias trashed the town & the local sports team just like most weeks but the crowd reaction was way bigger than he was usually getting.
  13. dopper

    Best Sketches

    Excellent topic. Like @Devon Malcolm most of my favourites are from Big Train, and I think this one tops my list:
  14. I've heard the term "Photo op" used about that situation a few times, but having watched an unedited 8 minute video of it on Twitter I saw that it was literally no more than that. Their story was that he wanted to see the damage caused by the rioters who are the one & only problem right now in an otherwise hunky-dory USA. His sons tweeted photos of him bravely walking out of the front gate with his security and advisors behind him (not showing twice as much security walking in front behind the camera). He walked towards the Church - never even LOOKED AT IT - stood where someone told him to stand, let the press take photos, and cleared off again all in less than 2 minutes. https://twitter.com/CalebJHull/status/1267600785241669634?s=20
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