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  1. Ha I won't be doing a Bolivian topic don't worry. Although a megathread on South American wrestling could be a good idea. If someone else wants to make one, I'd gladly contribute, but for now I'm gonna stick with my individual ones. Let me explain why. In the topic PunkStep linked above, when I first started it, I asked the question "does anyone out there know of any pre-1970 Titanes en el Ring/Argentinian footage?" and got no response, so I started a topic dedicated to the subject, in that one, board member BomberPat suggested I contact former Titanes booker Martin Karadagian's daughter Paulina on Twitter, I hadn't thought of that myself and nobody had recommended it to me on my other thread, so I did so, and she gave me the answer I was looking for, if I hadn't made an individual topic on Argentinian wrestling I may never have gotten it. So there you go, by dedicating a topic to my question I got to the bottom of it, simple as that.
  2. The other three topics aren't on the same subject as the one you linked though. One is on pre-1970 Argentinian pro-wrestling footage, one is on Telecatch in general and the other is on pre-1970 Brazilian pro-wrestling footage, and two of those topics have also gotten input from people, if they hadn't I'd say you have a point.
  3. UPDATE: I've decided to change the title of this topic from "Telecatch And Other Brazilian TV Footage?" to "Pre-1970 Brazilian Footage?". I'd like to try and find any Brazilian pro-wrestling footage from before the year 1970, in general, rather than limiting things to just TV footage. That means any newsreels or films that may exist too. If anyone knows of anything then please let me know!
  4. UPDATE: Over the coming weeks, as well as trying to list every country that has pre-1970 footage that's known to exist, as a reference tool, I'm going to be attempting to list the kind of footage that exists next to each country too, I'll continue to use the first post for the main list and will still leave a reply whenever anything new is added as before. So far Argentina, Australia and Austria have been updated, the rest are a work-in-progress. If anyone knows of any countries or any available footage I'm missing from the list then please let me know!
  5. I'm looking for footage of Brazilian pro-wrestling from before the year 1970 that is known to exist, so far though all I've come across is this and a few similar clips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge0fnE6uGGw Does anyone out there know if there's anything else in circulation or is what I linked above all there is?
  6. As the title of this topic suggests, I'm attempting to make a list of which countries have known professional wrestling footage from before the year 1970. I'll be using this post to list every country I come across where footage is known to exist so it's easier for those interested to locate them. Anytime anything new is added I'll also leave a reply for the same reason. Below is a list of the countries that I know for sure have some existing footage, next to each one, as a reference guide, I've written in bold the kind of footage that is currently available: - Argentina (newsreel clips / silent film-reel clips). - Australia (film-reel clips / newsreel clips / silent film-reel clips / television). - Austria (newsreel clips / silent film-reel clips). - Canada. - Czechoslovakia. - Finland. - France. - Germany. - Greece. - Ireland. - Italy. - Japan. - Mexico. - New Zealand. - Rhodesia. - Russia. - South Africa. - Spain. - Sweden. - Switzerland. - United Kingdom. - United States. If anyone knows of any countries or any available footage I'm missing from the list then please let me know!
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