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  1. For anyone interested, according to Martin Karadagián's daughter Paulina, the only pre-1970 Argentinian pro-wrestling footage that is known to exist is a handful of newsreels and there's no surviving Titanes en el Ring footage till the 1970s either.
  2. The latest addition to the list in the first post is Argentina.
  3. I've tweeted Martin's daughter, if she responds with any info I'll post it here.
  4. You'd think so wouldn't you? I'll see if I can find out what exists.
  5. Thank you for those suggestions Pat I'll do just that! Apparently the clips in the link I posted above are of Mart├şn Karadagi├ín wrestling before Titanes en el Ring so they don't actually count as being from that promotion, they may still be from Argentina though, wrestling on TV did exist over there before Titanes.
  6. I'm looking for someone who may be able to answer this question for me, does anyone out there know if there's any known Argentinian pro-wrestling TV footage from before the year 1970? I know they had Titanes en el Ring and there is a few clips of that about which I'll post below but pro-wrestling on TV in Argentina actually began before Titanes, does anyone know if anything exists? Also does anyone know how much pre-1970 Titanes en el Ring footage is known to exist? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRzTNji19OU
  7. Seriously? I don't think I've ever heard of wrestling promoted that way, very interesting though. Shame there isn't more pre-1970 African footage.
  8. The Czech Republic, Italy, New Zealand and Russia are the latest additions to the list in post #1. Also, other than Telecatch clips, does anyone know if there is any known pre-1970 Brazilian footage out there´╗┐? ´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐
  9. Here is a list of the pre-1970 ITV footage that I know for sure exists and has been traded, I'm told there's more too: 1961 1) Len Wilding -vs- Jack Cunningham (ITV Wrestling - October 28th, 1961). 2) Ernie Riley -vs- Albert Wall (ITV Wrestling - November 25th, 1961). 1962 The All Star Afternoon (May 5th, 1962). 1) Billy Howes -vs- Jacques Lageott. 2) Jackie Pallo -vs- Mick McManus. 1964 1) Ricky Star -vs- Pedro LaChapelli (ITV Wrestling - February 5th, 1964 - The Final Bell). 1967 1) Alan Miquet -vs- Tony Borg (ITV Wrestling - October 18th, 1967). 2) Honey Boy Zimba -vs- Don Steadman (ITV Wrestling - October 18th, 1967). 1969 1) Pancho Zapatta -vs- Jeff Kaye (ITV Wrestling - May 7th, 1969 - The Final Bell). 2) Julien Morice -vs- Johnny Williams (ITV Wrestling - September 24th, 1969). MISC 4) Peter Szakacs -vs- Len Hurst (Late 1960s). 5) Tibor Szakacs -vs- Ivor Barratt (Late 1960s). Yeah I've been wondering about that myself, I know there are definitely some clips from the 1960s on YouTube but not sure if there is anything complete as yet.
  10. I've decided to change the title of this topic to "Which Countries Have Known Pre-1970 Pro-Wrestling Footage?", I'll be using the first post of it to list every country I come across where footage is known to exist, anytime anything new is added, I'll leave a reply here also. Africa (rhodesia) is the latest addition to the list in the first post. I'm aware Africa is a continent but it still counts.
  11. Would that have been the "Fanfare For Europe" special?
  12. Thanks so much for all your input on this subject guys, all very interesting stuff! Okay, if we were to put together a list of countries that have PROPER pre-1970 footage out there, as in not just newsreels or film clips, what countries would make the list? Here's what I've come up with so far: - Australia. - Canada. - France. - Iraq. - Japan. - United Kingdom. - United States. Are there any others?
  13. As the title of this topic suggests, I'm trying to make a list of which countries have known professional wrestling footage from before the year 1970. Here is a list of the countries that I know for sure have some existing footage, I've written "clips only" in red next to the ones where only newsreels/film clips are out there, the rest have proper TV footage: ´╗┐ - Africa (Rhodesia) (clips only). - Argentina (clips only). - Austria (clips only). - Australia. - Brazil (clips only). - Canada. - Czech Republic (clips only). - Finland (clips only). - France. - Germany (clips only). - Greece (clips only). - Iraq. - Ireland (clips only). - Italy (clips only). - Japan. - Mexico (clips only). - New Zealand (clips only). - Russia (clips only). - Spain (clips only). - Sweden (clips only). - Switzerland (clips only). - United Kingdom. - United States. Am I missing any? Also, I've been told that several other countries have some known footage too, but so far I haven't been able to determine if what's out there is the usual newsreels/film clips or proper TV footage, those countries are: - Bolivia. - Columbia. - India. If anyone has any info on whether or not any of these have anything other than clips, I'd be most grateful! ´╗┐
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