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  1. Well I mean art is subjective anyway, but like was mentioned above, there is definitely an artistry in doing a pro wrestling match right that your average person probably doesn’t appreciate much as they should. The goofy soap opera elements are definitely not high brow but then do the general public usually mention that when they dismiss wrestling anyway? We live in a society that eats that shit up. It’s the choreographed violence that people take the piss out of the most part, but then I don’t think it’s exactly rocket science as to why people find that entertaining either.
  2. AndyUK

    AEW All Out

    Enjoyed the show, very long and the middle was a bit off for me because the Hardcore match was a bit daft and I really don’t care about the Dark Order/Best Friends and Riho/Shida getting time but there’s plenty to enjoy. The opener was fun, PAC/Omega was very good with a great finish, liked the story stuff in Cody/Spears and then the ladder match and main event both delivered for me. Jericho is the right choice for champion in the short term, and they can build someone up to take it off him. Jericho/Cody, Moxley/Omega and PAC/Page at Full Gear would be good and the tag division is stacked. It’s basically fun because you don’t know what you’re gonna great at the moment.
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