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  1. https://www.shopaew.com/kenny-omega-don-callis-beefcakes-poster.html 🤣
  2. It's just not gonna be the Rumble without any fans in attendance. They can't recreate the countdown and the reaction at the buzzer. Gonna be the first rumble I'm not going to watch in I don't know how many years
  3. You're misinformed. They go out live on a Wednesday then tape the following week's on the Thursday. I'm sure of it..
  4. Thought I'd give it a try via the Sports Channel Network on Freeview 265 but the latest MLW VOD episode is 113 - are they four weeks behind usually? Are the episodes uploaded weekly to YouTube?
  5. The shot before the tribute video felt to me a bit odd and off-putting with Cody visibly telling -1 Brodie Jr to stare at his dad's boots in the middle of the ring... Made me a little uncomfortable in what was otherwise a brilliant show for, as it clearly transpires, a brilliant man, wrestler, father and a great loss to the world.
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