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  1. That Danielson/Omega match was ace. I had a feeling it might be a time limit draw and enjoyed it so much all the same. Nobody is better than Danielson at this stuff. Best singles AEW match to date, and it's a toss up between this and Young Bucks v Omega/Page match for the best AEW match overall. The rest of it was all solid. We got another fun Sting tag match, they showed they aren't tone deaf and had Black beat Cody, while MJF/Pillman and Baker/Soho were both very decent.
  2. Can't wait for those two Arthur Ashe shows over the next week. They are stacked.
  3. Very good show and I feel this is just the tip of the iceberg with this roster now with some of the cards they have the potential to put on. It is absolutely stacked with Punk, Danielson and Cole now added to the mix. I thought the PPV was paced really well, the women's battle royal and Wight/QT weren't particularly interesting but they did their job in cooling things down after big matches. Miro/Kingston was a terrific opener and Moxley/Kojima was really good also. Even though it was jarring to see Punk in those tights, him and Darby was a strong match. He'll only get better the more he gets back into the swing of things. Wasn't really that hyped about Omega/Christian by the time it got to it but they had a good one as expected. The cage match was 100% the best thing on the show however. Can't wait to see what's to come.
  4. Another strong episode bar the women's stuff and a good finish to the show with the cage too. The All Out build hasn't amazing because they've not even put the card together until the last minute but I still fancy staying up for it and I'm sure it'll still deliver. I was disappointed PAC v Andrade had being postponed but now Andrade is teasing a mystery opponent. Final Countdown surely?
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