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  1. Feels like we are living through Roy Keane's midlife crisis on ITV.
  2. I think so. He has rejected millions from Pepsi in the past.
  3. Scotland were abject. The BBC put no expense into their coverage either - just a couple of tables on a balcony and pundits that no-one would recognise saying not to expect anything from them this tournament because they are shit and have no right to be there.
  4. Very true, I may well have sacked off the prelims together if presented with my own card.
  5. I am becoming a soft lad in my old age but I got a bit choked up after that Brandon Moreno win. The feel good story of the year so far in MMA. If ever there was a fight to exemplify the careers of Leon Edwards and Nate Diaz this was it. Leon puts on an absolute clinic for 90% of the fight only for Nate to nearly snatch the win, and may well of done had he chose to follow up the shot that rocked Edwards, instead of flipping the bird etc. Regardless, he comes away from the fight he got battered in as some moral victor, whilst Leon has probably handed his title shot to Colby Covington with t
  6. Can't believe we've made it to three days without mention of the test, let alone this... Magnificent. Should be the regulation cut for all military medium, lower middle order sloggers. Oh yeah, forgot to mention I'll be there tomorrow in a box, quaffing the finest free champagne and canapes and no doubt shitting myself on the train back to Slough.
  7. The Bromley Boys was a massive source of angst among the non league hardcore* on it's release. *Joyless wankers
  8. We will hold the fort with football's elite until you and Deadpool join us at Europe's top table.
  9. Another great Champion's League victory that I would like to devote to our strong connection with Wrexham and Wales. We are a part of a new era taking over football from the elite - Mickey Thomas, Joey Jones, Gareth Hall, Eddie Niedwezsky(?), Mark Hughes, Ethan Ampadu, managed by an early 80s era John Neal. Learn to live with it.
  10. Got my second jab brought forward a couple of weeks and at my local centre. It's definitely worth being proactive and checking back with the NHS site if you are in a rush to get it sorted or have an appointment at a venue miles away.
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