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  1. Solo was awful. Star Wars died for me with that film.
  2. That always seemed to be the logical way to do it as far as I'm concerned. I suppose you would have some issues with scrapping 170 altogether and what happens there. I'd also like to see an end to all this champ champ bollocks, it only serves to hold up entire divisions. Defend or vacate if you want to try your luck at another weight class.
  3. Chris Weidman didn't have any trouble making 185 when he was champion as far as I'm aware. He just tried a different weight class because of his recent poor form but got the same result. The only thing 195 might offer him is a smaller pool of talent to go against. Having said that, I think there is a good argument for a 195 class given the gap between MW and LHW. You could argue for something between LW and WW given the sheer number of quality fighters at those two weights. I'd leave it there for now though.
  4. I think we should all give Ole a fair crack. Liverpool will win the league by Christmas.
  5. Paulo Costa vs Style Bender is going to be incredible, like the end fight in a shit super hero film. I cannot wait!
  6. You would enjoy the outrage from the non league community at you not getting banned from the Milk Cup for fielding an ineligible player. Professional Victims. Us not you of course.
  7. One way or another Slough are coming for you Butch. It's gonna be an almighty piss up when it happens.
  8. If it wasn't for that awful hipster Jeremy Corbellend I'm all on board with Bob Lazar and this real American hero.
  9. What an overdose of schadenfreude last night with Tottenham getting flogged for 7 (seven) and The Snake getting hooked at half time by Zidane.
  10. Been enjoying playing with this one, lads.
  11. Canonier is an animal, pure savage. Put him in there with Yoel next and watch them smash through the space time continuum.
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