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  1. Had my first dose of AstricaZenica this morning. I had it in one of the most successful temporary facilities in the country and it all went like clockwork. Walked in to avoid the queuing and having to hang around with the proles after. I didn't go to McDonald's because I took a vow sometime ago never to eat another over the whole murdering the planet thing. Sorry lads. I had a bacon baguette from Greggs instead. It was good. I feel I am entering the arena of the unwell now though. Just brought the washing in and I was near paralysed by some really intense chills. The heating is on and I'v
  2. I posted that Dismasters track in the Hip Hop thread a year ago or so. The holy grail for me now is to find a bass tab for it.
  3. A track that took me nearly thirty years to track down - I first heard it in 1990 at Spike Island when the Stone Roses came onto the stage to it. Found some footage on YouTube last year and worked it out through the wonders of modern technology.
  4. Credit where credit is due, Jake Paul is a tremendous heel.
  5. Any word on if you can have fans at that game, assuming further restrictions are lifted on the 17th?
  6. So we finally get the rematch of the 1986 Full Members Cup between Chelsea and City that everyone has been clamouring for. The likes of Timo Werner and Jorginho will be looking to recreate the heroics of David Speedie and John Bumstead for sure. If the Champions League final is half as good as that game you are in for a proper treat motherfuckers.
  7. For all that, you cannot beat Maidenhead United though can you, the Home Counties equivalent of Epstein Island.
  8. Has there ever been a whiter black guy than Lenny Henry? All I've got is Tiger Woods, OJ Simpson, Kenny Lynch and Ashley Cole.
  9. Sorry posted that Jake Paul quote elsewhere. He's bang on the money here!
  10. What an insane main card. My comments about Usman being boring look totally foolish. What a finish! I would add Stephen Thompson to the list of contenders who might give him some bother but I'd like to see rematches with Colby and Leon Edwards first if he beats Nate. With Khabib, Cejudo and Jon Jones doing fuck all right now he must be the P4P man right now. Good to see Thug Rose end Communism so emphatically. Horrible injury to Chris Weidman but compare the reaction of Uriah Hall to his own reaction to Anderson Silva getting the same injury against him. I see to remember there wer
  11. Starting to warm to this Jake Paul fella.
  12. I still do Ryan Giggs yoga once a week. I won't be able to now without thinking about what mischief he might have done to that female instructor.
  13. Ryan Giggs was the most likeable thing about Man U in the 90s after Cantona's kung fu kick. Is nothing sacred anymore?
  14. I think I'm probably out here on my own as far as the UKFF goes but I hope Masvidal somehow wins. I find Kamara Usman very boring and I can't find much in his fighting style or all round personality to enjoy.
  15. Peter Gammons (UKIP) has to be a wind up right?
  16. This is only time you will mobilise the Chelsea fanbase ... a lot of lads in Stone Island had their own mini Brexit last night. A true victory for real football and those great champions of the working man, Sky TV, Gary Neville and UEFA. Let's get back to extortionate subscriptions charges, inflated match tickets and Winter World Cups in Qatar post haste!
  17. No, apparently Wolves posted 20 million profit in June 2020. Chelsea's numbers in that graph are anomalous too. That's the year we sold Hazard and were banned from buying anyone.
  18. There is something of an irony in Gary Neville appearing on Sky TV telling me my football is being stolen away.
  19. I've probably not even seen half of his output but Ed Wood was the only Tim Burton film I could tolerate.
  20. I hope Poirier drags it into the gutter now and mentions the rapings.
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