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  1. Brilliant test cricket and peak Pakistan. I'm sure a Hong Kong betting syndicate was never involved at any point.
  2. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't worked at least one wank into my new daily lockdown office routine, usually 15 minutes after logging in, but today is too hot for that.
  3. Currently naked in my makeshift home office with a fan under the table blowing cool air directly onto my pendulous, sweaty balls. Will probably knock off early again.
  4. Proper test cricket this morning. Pakistan are a level up from the Windies. Butler has done well out there and if he gets a good score could have solidified his place in the side. This is the exact situation he's in the side for, so time for him to deliver a match winning performance instead of dribbling out for 30 odd. Ollie Pope was looking solid until he got worked over beautifully from Naseem. Great contest so far!
  5. I'm a mad Twin Peaks fan who initially hated The Return but warmed to it after another watch. However, I've never been in doubt that this was the best scene of the new series, and is just ahead of the Horne brothers extolling the virtues of Brie
  6. Agree with everything written about Till. I feel they pushed him too far, too soon. With them both facing a long layoff for different reasons, I'd make the Mike Perry fight next which would be a good way for him to get back into the win column and there would be a bit of interest given their ongoing "beef". Khamzat looks legit but I hope they don't do the same thing they did with Till and let him continue squashing a few cans before pushing towards a title, much like they did with Khabib. Someone with an excellent takedown defence would be good for him next, given how the last two fights went.
  7. I don't really get too up or down about Chelsea these days but let's just say I was pleasantly surprised by Lampard's first season in charge and the signs seem good in terms of his ability as a manager. He gave a lot of our youngsters a chance and whilst I'd say only Mount and James have maybe nailed down a first team birth, he has a good nucleus of a squad that has come through the ranks which he can supplement with expensive signings from abroad. It's an obvious statement when you look at the table but we're a long way off Liverpool and City but signings like Werner, Ziyach and possibly Havertz (none of whom I've seen much of admittedly) seem to be a move in the right direction but the real issue is conceding goals. Having had some very conservative managers of the past couple of decades it's been novel to see us play at times like Kevin Keegan's Newcastle, but as Mighty Mouse himself would probably attest, you don't win leagues like that. I hope there is some money left over for a world class goalkeeper and central defender. My choices would be Oblak and Koulibaly, I suspect the reality will be more like Henderson/Pope and Ake. We'll need to find a left back from somewhere too. Good luck to Marina Granovskaia recouping some of the money wasted on the abject Kepa. Along with him and Pedro, I'd show the door to Emerson, Alonso, Rudiger, Christensen, Jorginho, Barkley, Batshuayi, Willian and Giroud (the last two, somewhat reluctantly given their post lockdown heroics). There must be a dozen stiffs out on loan we could fuck off too, but not Ethan Ampadu. Loftus-Cheek and Hudson-Odoi need to get themselves fit and prove themselves otherwise they would follow.
  8. RIP Peter Green.
  9. Good to read these reviews of Ghost of Tsushima, it's most definitely next on my list. I'm currently playing playing Mad Max which snuck under my radar on release, but is terrific fun and a lovingly made tribute to the films.
  10. This chap has had me in hysterics this morning.
  11. Looks like he's had a similar Lockdown to me. Damn those six pack truckles of fancy cheese from Amazon!
  12. The UFFF's very own Robbie Box!
  13. I'm by no means an expert on martial arts but I pretty much got the fact it was a good fight from watching it once.
  14. One man's breathtaking is another man's watching this shit from behind the sofa. Great doc.
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