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  1. This was 37 minutes well spent, reliving the highlights from his 86 tournament. Well worth a watch if you've never seen it. There is a bit where he actually tackles Burruchaga I think and is like fuck off mate, I'll take this from here. The only mistakes he makes is passing to team mates. For the haters, there's loads of footage of him getting two footed and elbowed in the face, particularly the England and Italy games. I've forgotten how shit that England team was. None of them were fit to be on the same pitch. Even Emlyn Hughes was in awe back in the studio. Real recognises r
  2. Without doubt the greatest in my eyes. I've never felt the same sense of danger whenever he picked up the ball against England in 86, it didn't matter where he received it on the pitch, he could hurt you from anywhere and dribble past your whole team and score if he fancied it. And he did of course in that game. 86 was his World Cup, it was as close to a tournament won single handed as you will ever see. He had the grace of Messi, and the physicality of Ronaldo. He was better than both. I actually saw him live at Wembley in 1980 but I was a nipper and can remember nothing about the game,
  3. I've heard of 3 fighters on this card now and I don't like any of 'em.
  4. There's a Fanny Wragg buried at my local cemetary. It used to be a rite of passage to try find it.
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