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  1. It's some achievement to actually lose ground to the Tories over the last 12 months, despite everything recorded in this thread.
  2. Wand, I admire your optimism writing up a Leon Edwards card with such enthusiasm a full week before it happens. You have kept MMA alive in lockdown. I think the guys on the board would have let it slide if you'd let this one slip by! I really want Leon Edwards to do well but this has got career crushing defeat written all over it. Erick Anders vs Darren Stewart excites me too.
  3. Is anyone watching American Gods and still enjoying it? I think it must be on it's 3rd or 4th season now and it has dawned on me today that I am basically hate watching it now. On paper I love the concept, I want to enjoy it and teaming up Al Swearengen with Ryan Naysmith is something of a Dream Team for me. It looks quite pretty and might have one of the best title sequences out there but it just doesn't go anywhere. I've never read any Neil Gaiman and at 48 I think that ship has sailed but I wonder how this stacks up against the books or comics? Are we anywhere near the end of it? When
  4. Phil Collins inventing Nine Inch Nails.
  5. Discovered via a Guardian interview with Adam Curtis. How very middle class.
  6. Fucking Black Beast!!! That was beautiful, he should be the man to welcome Jon Jones to the Heavyweight division.
  7. RIP U-Roy, one of the best to ever do it.
  8. Some touching tributes to Captain Tom.
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