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  1. I wanna see my man Chamzat take Cody's scalp. Imagine the build up to that one!
  2. I've placed some masking tape down the right side of my laptop. Does the job.
  3. He talked a great fight this week but from the minute the cage shut he looked fucked. Chimaev is a scary man. I enjoyed this up to the co and main. Tyrone Woodley is the drizzling shits and I'm glad Colby smashed him.
  4. Awful. A pubic hair's length from a comic sans nightmare.
  5. Fucking trustafarian at university always doing the Hamlet soliloquy from Withnail and I when he had a few drinks and other quotes, pretty much killed one of my favourite films of the time. He's a liberal democrat politician now.
  6. Homelander is the greatest superhero. So much so I'm considering an avatar change after over ten years. My only regret from the last episode is that we didn't get to see him fuck himself at the end. The rest of the show is a bit meh, but he's one of my favourite characters in anything ever. The actor plays him brilliantly with a perfect mix of smug, insecurity, righteousness and menace. His scenes are always the highlight of an episode, and often gobsmacking. That scene on the aeroplane last series was incredible!
  7. Decent times though meaning I'll probably buy one of these for the first time unless the card gets decimated fight week.
  8. Not disputing but curious where you are hearing that from if you are able to say?
  9. Looking forward to this week's episode of Bum Fights.
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