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  1. I've been learning bass and ruining classic tracks
  2. Seems like a foolish endeavor given the exceptional circumstances. Schools are for the most part effectively closed and statistics show that there is a small bump in things like heart attacks after the clocks go forward. https://www.timeanddate.com/time/dst/daylight-saving-health.html
  3. Bowing to my Sensei right now, cheers dude ❤️
  4. Some might say I've transcended that level already. Sorry to read that news @neil sending my love.
  5. I've quite enjoyed my first day of isolation so far. I've got a couple of workouts in and I bought myself a bass guitar at the weekend and have taught myself to play Super Freak and Stand By Me (badly).
  6. Peak Essien was an absolute monster, one the best players I've ever seen for Chelsea.
  7. Can we use this thread to discuss how we might deal with the very real possibility of life without toilet roll? Do we get our hand up there and pull our fecal matter out like Loki? Invert a shower head into a makeshift bidet? Cut up an old towel and soak in lukewarm water, use old newspaper, drag our pile ridden shitty arses over the carpet or wipe it on a bat like in the wet markets of Wuhan. I'm open to all suggestions.
  8. Peter Frampton is crying in his grave.
  9. Fuck off Butch you've jumped the shark.
  10. I was just interviewed on local radio about this terrible business just now, at about 1.45pm - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p083np06 I'm the one who sounds like a cunt.
  11. I remember as far back as Championship Manager 94 two of the developers put themselves in the game as lower league prospects. From Thickipedia - The Championship Manager '94 - End of Season Data Disk, which was available on the Amiga, contained 2 fictional players added by a couple of people who worked on the game. The players were Mark Collis and Ferah Orosco. They were a striker and a defender, respectively, for Cambridge United in Division 3 and are regarded as the first ever fictional super-players in the CM series.
  12. Yes, had a big falling out with my sister who thought it would be okay to have my 70+ parents babysit their daughter last weekend while they went on the piss. My father is diabetic and recovering from a triple bypass operation. My brother-in-law had been on the piss at Cheltenham the day before. Am I overreacting?
  13. They were actually comparing Sean O'Malley to BJ Penn and Stephen Thompson at one point during that podcast!
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