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  1. I quite enjoyed Amazon's coverage last night and I thought the picture quality was better than Sky HD. Being able to turn Andy Townsend's commentary off was a Brucie bonus.
  2. Don't have much to add to what's already been said but absolutely loved The Irishman. My filum of the year!
  3. I've been known to eat an entire McVities Jamaican Ginger cake in one sitting.
  4. Players that he built and bought! Remember he took over from Captain Bellend, Tim Sherwood.
  5. I'll remember him most fondly for his gentle ribbing of our Oriental cousins on the Endurance gameshow.
  6. I think my ire was more focused on Torode and the other geezer but yeah, that show was never same after the Grossman. I think I made that post on MySpace which will tell you how old it was and the chances of ever finding it again.
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