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3 minutes ago, Your Fight Site said:

It’s not a competition. 


its an observation that NWA are left with a massive void to fill whereas for other companies we're talking about lower to mid card wrestlers on the whole. Its not a commentary on their respective misdemeanours.


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This could either go in here on in the wrestling figure thread, but went with this one. Feel free to move if you want mods.

A new U.K. based toy company called Chella Toys are bringing out their first action figure and it’s of NWA champ Nick Aldis.

They have opened pre-orders are seem to be going well, especially considering there hasn’t been a single piece of concept art released yet. People are pre-ordering without knowing what the product is (including me), however, there’s strong indication it’s using the same style mold and scale as the 90’s WWF Hasbro figure line. This will likely be confirmed soon, but it’s fair to say it’s pretty much bang on. 

As mentioned above, it’s the first of their line and by the sounds of things, the plan is to develop a possible series, rather than a one off.

Having the NWA Champion is a pretty good coup and bodes well for a NWA action figure line. Great figure style to go with and if it all goes well with this first figure, I hope we see some NWA action figure adverts. It would have made more logical sense to use Remco/Sungold style figures I suppose, but Hasbro style is far more marketable.

They are limited to 1/2000 and aren’t cheap at £17 each, but given the fact they are a start up company, based in the U.K. and that other wrestling figures are expensive as fuck these days, it’s not bad at all really (depending on what is actually released of course).

But yeah, figures crossed, NWA action figures in the Hasbro style mold. Get the fuck in.


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Raven is the only source I've seen so far, but in all honesty he seems like someone who would know and is probably connected to plenty of the guys in NWA. I'm not shocked really, it seems like Lagana pretty much did everything in a day-to-day sense so that likely leaves a big hole in Corgan's operation.

It's not like he's dependent on it for income, so I don't blame him for winding it up. It's a shame, Powerrr was one of the best things in wrestling in the past 12 months.    

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That’s a shame. It seemed as if it had really found a niche and offered something different.

It’s amazing no one has really managed to make a proper go of the NWA name, given the amount of history it has. It looked like this time may have been different given it had someone with Billy’s money and influence behind it but… alas.

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With the way they run the shows with small intimate crowds unless there was some sort of legalities preventing it I'd have thought there's was potentially the easiest show to have facilitated with fans.

Even if it was only temperature readings, socially distanced seats and face masks for fans I'd have thought bringing a crowd of 100-200 fans in was relatively achievable.

Even if they looked into outdoor staged tapings even? 

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