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.....that my wife and I are expecting our first child. We are over the moon!

So does James Hetfield. 

Gary Numan is 13 days older than Gary Oldman

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It is derogatory for protestant, yes. Or German. Or Orangemen.

Absolutely unreal in this day and age and I'm pure kicking myself I didn't ask him who he supported.

It was like when Walter Smith was manager of Everton and I'd get a bit of stick in the pubs in Dublin for showing my colours because Smith was ex Rangers and we had a few of their old guard at the time. Mostly from United fans who'd forgotten that Ferguson played for Rangers. They didn't like that being thrown at them.

The hypocricy of football fans over here (not all, obviously, but where I'm from - Donagmede/Coolock area - they're ten aplenty. One day wearing Celtic colours, the they'd be showing their United, Liverpool or Chelsea colours - forgetting Chelsea's hooligan ties with Rangers and Linfield.

That's why I hate talking football with most cunts over here.

I have no time for hatred or religion in football. No fucking time for it at all.


EDIT - Actually, there's a bloke in work who really gets my goat up. He's Leeds, Celtic, Barcelona and Shamrock Rovers. Every time any of those clubs are playing he says "we".

Case in point "We thought Juvé a lesson on Saturday".


Apologies for the aggressive tone to my post, lads, it just really, truly winds me up.



Sorry for the lateness, but quick question: I know there's not much made of it in the English leagues, but is there much awareness in Ireland of Everton being Liverpool's Catholic team and LFC being the Protestant one? Same with City (Prot) and Utd (Cat)?

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I read another thing where it said Sussudio was the name of Phil Collins horse (or daughter's horse). Whole thing is very odd.


Mixture of the horse and his "first crush", I'd say.

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