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Class and Shit t-shirts


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22 hours ago, Hannibal Scorch said:

Mate shared this gem with me the other day


one big cry

It was only on the second time of looking at it I saw the dots, I thought it did say one big sob to start with and was wondering if it was part of his gimmick or summin at the time 🤣 

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So just for science I tried to carry out a perfect replica of what I believe was the merchandise team’s methodology for researching the brief of “do a shirt based on the local sportball team”. In doing so, I think I have hit upon what might have caused this faux pas: 


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Posted (edited)

It's certainly a choice. Surely it will just be an online exclusive and Drew won't actually walk into the Hydro wearing that (sure even he would recognise that as a terrible idea if he's wanting a homecoming hero reaction). Think it's as simple as that he's a Rangers fan and wanted to make a shirt paying tribute to that (he'd have had a big hand in the design I'd imagine - or at least a red hand). 

I'm not going to to whinge about it - seems obvious to me it's more of a personal thing for him than a shirt intended for widespread distribution - and I have been periodically checking if Gallus' Celtic-inspired effort has been put on sale. Still hasn't. That one's a cracker.

The real issue here is why he doesn't support Ayr United.

Edit: Might as well have written Sash At The Castle too. 

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1 hour ago, mim731 said:


Might be there's more than one jersey style shirt, but this graphic certainly suggests there may have been a re-think. 

Or possibly that they could sell what is essentially a knock off Rangers shirt in US but not in the UK. It could possibly be a trademark infringement.

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