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Class and Shit t-shirts

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I was going to post this in it’s own thread because it deserves it. But then I just thought it would end up as a mirror image to this thread from 4 months ago. Anyway, look at this, just look at

Not really related to T-Shirts, but this reminds me. About ten years ago my Dad needed a new phone so began using one I’d abandoned earlier. On that old phone were text messages to a mate organising w

When you've got a date and hope to finally have sex, but retain a small chance of discussing early 90's WWF at the bar with someone...

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I want that Magnum TA shirt.


Have you go a pic big enough to cut and have put on a shirt?

Here it is on ebay. Its only $99. Well worth it. Mind you, the picture once you click enlarge is big enough to copy onto a plain black shirt.


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I still wear quite a few vintage WCW shirts to bed/around the house when there's no chance anyone's coming to the door. Most of them are still too baggy for me even now as I caught them at WCW tapings years ago, and Americans are fat, or something. Here's one of my favourites that you'll see me sporting quite often...




Has "Self High Five" on the back ddp2.jpg




I'm struggling to find photo's of my others. Is there a good site around for them anywhere?.




On the bad side, Brock Lesnar had some hideous shirts out that had nothing but the face of a wildebeest on them. The Eddie Guerrero "tribute" one is awful as well, it's a giant picture of a dead wrestlers depressing face, who would wear that?, outside of the youknowwho's obviously.

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I loved all the nWo shirts. I was privileged enough during those glorious days to obtain a black and white one with "4 life" written beneath the logo (sadly could not find the plain one) and a plain Wolfpack red and black one, but I also loved the Syxx shirt, the inverted white and black version, and even the later black and silver one.


This may not shock you then to find out I absolutely loathe the WWE "rKo" shirt in the same style and anything that tried to copy the nWo design (bWo an accepted exception as it was awesome parody) but the worst offender was TNA's "The Band" shirt, because it neatly summed up how I felt about the way TNA was being run at the time - "we've got nothing original, so we're going to try everything we did 15 years ago. If we could give it the same name, we would - but we can't."

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I want that warrior shirt, that is class indeed, any links Ian?


As for what I find class;






Sorry couldnt find any better pic's, Edge seems to be wearing one with less paint, looks better with more imo.


LOL at that DX Vince likes cocks, I forgot about that stuff, the angle I mean, did Spirit Squad have any shirts? I'd wager they were shit if so.


Yeah I hated that rKo shirt as well.

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