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Class and Shit t-shirts


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The Miz's shirt would've been great if the "I'm" part was part of the name badge template and not scribbled on. Would've made much more sense that way, this always bothered me!

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That shirt was badass. Offensively colourful but badass none the less

I love that!


I don't like wearing black wrestling t-shirts, but I'm always up for wearing one in another colour. The Miz one posted in the thread already is okay, but I prefer this one:




When I got it, I was disappointed that it was a much darker blue. There's also nothing on the back, which is nice for the people who don't like wrestling shirts to have anything on the back. WWE did a line of t-shirts like this called "superstar logo" ones that just had a small (compared to the usual wrestling) design on the front. Here's Orton's:



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I loved the original Nexus shirt, it was so simple (just a black N on a yellow square) but, coupled with the armbands and the fact that yellow and black stands out and is quite a rare colour scheme on wrestling shirts as far as I can remember, it made the group look like a bunch you didn't want to mess with:



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