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  1. Really good series, I enjoyed a lot of it. I was well into the last episode when Pat Benatar started blasting out. More Alison Brie in a leotard taa. Give them a second series you shit.
  2. Sooooo we are halfway through the return series. Any thoughts, is everyone enjoying it? Some of it has been downright bizarre.
  3. 'I know I'll be old, sat in my own piss due to the care structure, but can you promise to nuke everyone plzzz'
  4. Performed two gigs across Manchester tonight, me and another comic decked it across town with charity buckets we had at all the Comedy gigs tonight for collections. Raised a good amount. I love Manchester. What a babe!
  5. The Sun were to my knowledge, the only paper to throw the bombers face on the front pages.
  6. YIP.
  7. Who knows, I've watched the first four episodes and I think my mind has fell out my ears. I might need to rewatch some of that.
  8. Probably not, I'd watch the old ones. It would be really hard to make sense of absolutely anything.
  9. Just finished 'A Woman Under the Influence'. What a fucking exhausting experience that was. Absolutely fantastic performances from Peter Falk and Gena Rowlands. Top marks.
  10. I'll be darned, I have no idea what to make of any of that. It did remind me why I really don't hang out here as much.
  11. GLOW is fucking ace. Rotten in the ring, but I think it's genuinely fun in a mad way. The Housewives are super fun. I love the sheer gall of calling a character Palastina too. The documentary is well worth a punt.
  12. That video infuriated me as a child. 'Why are they doing that? It's just people shopping. Pricks'.
  13. Ian Brady has carked it. 2017 is better at picking and choosing to be fair.
  14. I'm delighted to have represented Portugal this year, after a successful win in Austria, I'm getting the hang of this.
  15. Binged through it all to get a buzz for the new series, I forgot how horrific THAT scene is (a fair few TP scenes are disturbing, but one ranks way above). Can't wait to see how this new series pans out.