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  1. Never listened to Russo, never will. For a bloke whose wrestling writing is so horribly anti-woman it's not a shock to hear him still jiving about everyone being a gay wrestling virgin. He's basically your dad who tells you it's fake and calls you a poof, but doesn't like the big hosses like your dad does.
  2. Longtime Futureshock/GPW/loads of other places Melanie Price. She's never credited enough as a valet.
  3. I don't mind Jollyboat. Simon Lomas is good.
  4. He looks like the kid who forgot his P.E. kit.
  5. I do love Grease 2. Interesting there was two more sequels planned but Grease 2 didn't do well.
  6. Sandy divorcing Danny after he was caught in a bath house probably didn't do any favours. Scorpions for the win. Razors on hubcaps!
  7. If you want completely out placed music in a music themed film, then Eddie & The Cruisers is the winner. A film about a 50's rock n roll band that sound like fourth rate Springsteen in his pomp. Odd.
  8. I swear Glee was trying to actively ruin every guilty pleasure for everyone during their run.
  9. XS Malarkey? I got offered a spot at XS tonight, but missed it because I work nights and fell asleep minutes before the message was sent to me. Curses.
  10. I'm just waiting for him to call him 'Cool Ry' and I'll pop massive for it.
  11. The way you treat the people who want to help (Keith) is terrible.
  12. Creosote.
  13. Tbh I'd like the NewGen lads to do their own hostile takeover and do WCW April 98 onwards with little trips into the Attitude Era.
  14. Bit mental this. I'm genuinely not sure what that last sentence is in reference too. Sorry chaps, minds drawing a blank. I don't think it was anything malicious. Love Bruce's podcast. That's genuinely baffled me.
  15. Bruce getting emotional about Piper was a hard listen, if only his wife had died.