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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing them do a tournament there in his honour, would love to see erick redbeard in it and winning it, however as stated above if it were to happen cody would be all over it
  2. Fair play not as bad as I first imagined, thanks for sending the image in @Egg Shen Fair point aswell, you wouldn't be getting much done with real barbed wire wrapped around you, feels like there's always something about WCW to find out for better or worse.
  3. Thank you very much @SuperBacon im still very tempted by it even at that price
  4. The iron match was brilliant. I really am enjoying Josh Alexander's work at the minute and think he makes a brilliant X division champion. Rohit has been improving lately aswell, at first I couldn't stand him and didn't see much in him but as soon as he won the X title a little while back he's been impressing me More and more each week, him and Jake something had a good match I thought. I'm really interested to see how against all odds will play out they have built it up really well and I'm hoping they won't disappoint. Also sign me up for some of the impact wrestling trading c
  5. If NBC did purchase it and Vince cashed out, I wonder what the WWE would like going forward, despite his faults and borderline insanity Vince always put endless time and effort in the WWE from day one and built it to what it is, I do not see anyone from another background or even a wrestling background ever putting in half the time he does, would the people who purchased just see it as joke and something which is not taken seriously?
  6. Wow I'm definatley gonna have to look this up, how bad did it look?
  7. @fogdude thank you so much for running everything and I look forward to next season, also a big congratulations on winning mate
  8. I wonder how they will work the stadium stampede, will it be a case of for the live fans they will show it on the screen or will they let them walk across to the stadium and sit in there while a video package or summin plays. either way i am really looking forward to seeing a ppv of theirs with a live crowd again.
  9. throughout the lockdown i have been watching impact and tend to find it as the best wrestling how for a while now, at first i think it was just something to watch but i do tend to find myself now eagerly awaiting the weekly show and the specials/ppvs/supercards. I was another who didnt really get Calahan when i started watching impact again but over the last few months he really has grown on me, moose has taken such great strides and improvements since i first saw him back in ROH and i would love to see him take the belt off Omega, however i am slightly concerned about his contract and h
  10. When ECW went to sci-fi wasn't there an idea for Hardcore Holly to be a NASA worker? I'm sure Vince wanted Hall to be like a GI Joe before Razor Ramon aswell And Cody as a heel Tony Stark
  11. I love that Japanese 100th anniversary kit, may need to get that, is that available from the adidas site?
  12. Week 38 fixtures Premier League Arsenal 2-0 Brighton & Hove Albion Aston Villa 1-2 Chelsea Leicester City 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur Liverpool 0-1 Crystal Palace West Ham United 2-1 Southampton National League Sutton United 1-0 Hartlepool United Torquay United 0-2 Barnet Wrexham 2-0 King's Lynn Town FA Trophy Final (at Wembley Stadium) Hereford 3-0 Hornchurch (16:15) Scottish Cup Final (at Hampden Park) Hibernian 2-1 St Johnstone (14:00) Scottish Women's Premier League Heart
  13. I was really shocked and saddened to hear this. In an industry full of characters and personality he always stood out and made people notice him for good or bad reasons. R.I.P New Jack
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