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I can't wait for it to come out, be absolute fucking garbage and give me the pleasure of watching a million virgins doing gymnastics trying to explain how it's not empty soulless wank, but the real vi

About 20 years ago there was (I think) a Bleeding Cool article about how Warner Brothers didn't want to make a Batman vs Superman film because it was their two biggest franchises and they didn't want

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There was so much wrong with Suicide Squad, I very much doubt adding in extra Joker/Harley scenes will help, especially as one of the worst things about the film was how the Joker was portrayed, and how much there was of him in it.

I said it when the film first came out that the Joker should never be:

1. The least menacing character in the film

2. The least funny

3. The least relevant to the plot

and I stand by that. Not that I'm some great director or writer, but I'd have just had him as an influencing character in the shadows, showing his mouth at the phone when he calls up Harley, teasing his eventual appearance either at the very end or in another movie, and no more than that.

Amongst the other worst things about the film was that Harley had almost no agency and no reason to be there diegetically; she was just a hot psycho regular human who could swing a baseball bat - not exactly a qualification to go up against enemies that even the army can't deal with. Nothing in there about how her altered perspective gives her an edge in strategy or tactics, etc.

Adding extra scenes to reinforce both the shitness of the Joker's involvement, and Harley's complete pointlessness beyond eye-candy, doesn't solve either of those problems.

EDIT: Every time I hear or read "Snyder Cut", my mind just jumps to something infinitely better:


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16 hours ago, HarmonicGenerator said:

As you’ve already seen from your post after this, they’re not going to do one, they’re going to be encouraged because they know if they’re loud enough for long enough they’ll get what they want. 

Imo they always planned to put it out and the moment cast members started talking about the cut it was obvious it was coming eventually.

Anyway probably going get some shit for this but fuck it, I eventually gave the extended cut of Batman V Superman a go and I actually enjoyed it despite it's obvious flaws.

Probably helped that I wasn't sat in a cinema throughout.

Snyder Cut will either be an improvement or rubbish. Not going to lose my shit over it either way.

Not sure why people are getting so bent out of shape over it.

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Anybody on here still stuck with Agents of Shield? The past few seasons were a bit shaky (last season in particular was pretty bad) but this ongoing season is really strong so far. The plot mostly consists of the team going to a different time period every couple of episodes so it's full of callbacks to MCU lore and Shields history. Really fun.

The recent episode was set in the 70s and the opening credits were fantastic;


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Shield's duffest seasons were the ones where the writers tried to create their own villains, where its strength was always the updating or reimagining of Marvel's more minor characters and arcs. The LMD/Hydra/Framework angle was excellent, the use of Inhumans and Kyle Maclachlan was loads better than that dog of a series they tried to launch, and the Graviton story was really good. It'll be a shame if they don't do more with Ghost Rider, although this last season seems to be a wrap-up 'greatest hits' deal, so hopefully he'll turn up before the end.

I think it's a real shame that Shield kind of disappeared off the TV radar. It was forever hamstrung by that weak opening first season, which then blew up and kinda-sorta-excused it around Winter Soldier. They've established a really good cast, and leant into their lore and in-jokes without being heavy-handed. I've also really enjoyed the use of season breaks the last few seasons to basically run mini-arcs, with variations on the title cards.

This season has been pretty good so far. I think I was one of the few people who watched Agent Carter, and I really like Sousa, and think he's already integrated into the team well. I'll also love it if they confirm the fan theory and have him turn up at the Battle of New York. It'll be interesting to see if they finish it off, leave it open, or Quantum Leap it out of existence.

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1 hour ago, CavemanLynn said:

I think I was one of the few people who watched Agent Carter

 I enjoyed it. I mean it was utterly fucking stupid, but Hayley Atwell is really likeable and holds the whole show together.

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