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It was the period in 2007 where he started to lose his marbles (again) in storyline - beginning with him having his head shaved at WrestleMania in April, through a run as being ECW World Champion in May and that clip on the video was just before the storyline finished with him being blown up in the limo in June.

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On 9/24/2019 at 1:17 AM, KingofSports said:

Don't pinch Sabu's headgear. He doesn't like it:


When did they stop attacking fans in Japan?
I remember that is was apparently 'okay' to smack fans around if they got in your way for many decades

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I stumbled upon this weird William Regal interview from 2001. He's incredibly mild-mannered in it and Cat, Ant and Dec really try their hardest to keep the energy up;

Stand-out moments for me:

Ant reading a message from a fan that calls Regal "Hilarious!", despite Regal himself being quite dour during the interview.

Regal on his best mates : "Steve Austin...Triple H...." and the crew gush over Regal being mates with all the 'hard men'.

Dec: "Triple H, is he any relation to H from Steps?", followed by Regal mumbling something about preparation H. 

Regal being scared off Stephanie McMahon and then talking about getting slapped hard by by her. This prompts Cat Deeley to go on about how unfair that is ("That's terrible! It should be one rule for everybody, not one for the girls and one for the boys") and then Dec remarking that Cat wants to live in an 'ideal world'.

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