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  1. Couldn't agree more. My god his stock has fallen. The more I see of him the more I'm convinced he's not "the guy". So hammy, dweeby even. Certainly not booked like a star. I keep going back to Austin, Rock, Cena, Punk etc and think they'd never carry themselves like that. Get your act together.
  2. Jesus that Quack video was desperate wasn't it. He has serious issues editing a fucking apology video. Ridiculously hammy, even if he truly meant some of it he ballsed it all up with that atrocity!
  3. What I meant by dehumanising her was that he was taking us out of the moment. This was her TV debut, her big entrance. I hadn't seen her before and immediately sat up and was impressed and for me it killed the moment a little and the awe that they were tryna go for. Sometimes you have to lay back and sell moments, JR is a sarky bollox but he knows this more than anyone. (I know Excalibur failed doing it with Butcher and Blade but he tried. Announcing for TV is different than PWG so I'd give him a break, no doubt he'll improve). And I don't think it's odd that JR wouldn't know her. There's been multiple wrestlers where they come out and he throws to the expert Excalibur to fill us in on their back story so for me it's normal that he didn't know her and tried his best to sell the shit out of this new spooky character he was seeing for the first time in person. Just to clarify my issue is TIMING. Just don't do it during her entrance. Sell the character. Fine do it later, it does put her over like you mentioned, could say how Shida felt her wrath etc. Just NOT during her debut entrance, particularly because of the nature of her character. Probably will have to agree to disagree! Happy Father's Day y'all.
  4. I still think he was way off. Particularly his timing. Mid match would be passable but not as she's making her entrance. It's a brand new character to the national TV audience many of whom don't watch dark (me included, no surprise). Side note I love how they plug Dark results on the ticker tape. So JR was reacting as if he was seeing her for the first time just like we the fans were and creating this sense of amazement and WTF, trying to create a moment or feeling. But that was immediately ruined by Excalibur trying to dehumanise her by talking about records so soon, at least let him finish before he then talks about how creepy she is, how she's even scarier than before etc etc. Basically it's a TV debut of spooky character, shut the f**k up for a bit and sell the character first, don't need to be hearing about win loss records yet.
  5. I was just coming on to the say the EXACT same thing! JR was 100% in the right. Nobody gives a toss if she took the Japanese school girl to the limit (I sound like Corny now) or what happened on dark. This was her main TV debut to a national audience. It's key character building time. Getting across how terrifying she is, reacting IN THE MOMENT, by gawd who is this, what is this. That's exactly what needed to be done to sell the shock and awe to everyone. Not oh she wrestled on dark and I'll think you find blah, blah blah. Essentially emotion over facts, particularly for what is essentially introducing a new spooky character. Can you imagine Excalibur at Bad Blood? That's gotta be, that's be gotta Kane. Yes JR we seen him on Heat last week and he took Steve Blackman to the limit. Christ. In other news delighted to see Ricky, sign him up. Britt is money. And it still annoys me that Best Friends don't have matching gear and that Chuck looks a state.
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