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AEW Revolution 2023 discussion thread


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After a pretty crap last minute for the most part build up, Revolution is this Sunday (I miss Saturday PPVs).

The card:

*AEW World Championship Iron Man Match: MJF vs. Bryan Danielson
* AEW Tag Team Championship Match: The Gunns vs. The Acclaimed vs. Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal vs. Danhausen & Orange Cassidy
* Texas Deathmatch: Jon Moxley vs. Hangman Page
* AEW TNT Championship Match: Samoa Joe vs. Wardlow
* AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Jamie Hayter vs. Saraya vs. Ruby Soho
* AEW World Trios Championship Match: The Elite vs. House of Black
* Ricky Starks vs. Chris Jericho

*Jungle Boy vs Christian Cage - Final Burial

At least four of the above are going to be very good. The show will probably last about 7 hours but it should be a fun show overall as per usual with AEW. 


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I might be the only person here that's hyped for the Iron Man match. Danielson's been my favourite wrestler for close to 20 years and I've usually been pleasantly surprised by MJF's matches in AEW, apart from his stinker with Cody early doors.

I can't help but feel Mox/Hangman is gonna be proper watch it through your fingers stuff.

Elite/HOB is basically a guaranteed barn burner despite the ropy build.

Everything else looks fun enough apart from Starks Vs Jericho but I'm sure there'll be some surprise crackers, there usually is.

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I’m excited for the show but it’s definitely on the colder end of AEW pay per views. They had a mental, ridiculously good TV run that seemed to burn itself out four weeks too early and has sadly limped over the finish line.

I’m hyped for the Iron Man match because Bryan Danielson is the greatest wrestler of all time, who’ll likely bring the best out of MJF, and I thought that closing video package and promo on Wednesday was really strong. However, I wish I hadn’t heard the suggestions about them going on first. That’s such an inspired idea that it’s going to be extra disappointing when they don’t do it, it goes on last, and it’s an uphill battle for the first forty minutes to get the crowd into it. Should still be great though. Hoping for some fun spots where Max is willing to lose a couple of falls via DQ to then make them back with the unfair advantage he’s gained.

Mox vs. Hangman should’ve been Lights Out and should’ve gone on last. Still expecting a ridiculous spectacle. Mox is the best. Wednesday’s blood-soaked promo was insane. Remember goofy Dean Ambrose? Fucking hell. A different dimension. Still hoping this leads to Blackpool Combat Club vs. A fully reunited Elite down the line. Seems the perfect Blood and Guts match.

Jamie Hayter has grounds to be complaining to HR. An absolute superstar who has completely broken through the ranks by just being fucking brilliant, and this is her reward? Saddled with two shitarses. She’s got her work cut out for her. Carrying Saraya especially. Sure, Saraya is better cast as a dislikable knobhead heel because she is a dislikable knobhead in real life, but she’s still proven herself to be absolutely rubbish since coming in. Wrestled her whole life. You’d never fucking know it watching this AEW run. She’s dogshit. Worse still, I think they might put the belt on her. Fuck off, baby gurl.

Trios Title match should be phenomenal. Shame the House of Black are coming into this back being the shitty, mumbling goths, though. Imagine if they were still the destroyers they were earlier in the year? I’d be bursting with excitement. As it is, I hope we get this match done and then send Malakai back to the fed. He and Wyatt can have the time of their lives doing spooky shit together. Maybe Black can be Uncle Howdy in the the end.

The branding of the Christian vs. Jungle Boy match in the final week has been weird. Suggests we’re getting some type of cinematic buried alive match. I wonder if Christian’s injury hasn’t healed, he knows he’s finished, so they’re trying to get closure for this feud whichever way they can. Or maybe they just didn’t want to do two weapons brawls on the same show, with Mox and Hangman having already bagsied the blood and barbed wire. Either way, the most Tony Khan finish to this match would be a Luchasaurus return, meaning the feud must continue. Then. Now. Forever. Maybe they can bring Marco Stunt back. It would be interesting to see how he wrestles now puberty has finally hit.


Hoping Wardlow and Joe deliver. Desperate for Wardlow to get back to where he once was. Hobbs, Joe, Wardlow, Archer and a returning Miro should make this the Summer of the hoss division.

I don’t care about Jericho and Starks. This should’ve been a Loser Fucks Off match. Jericho is in dire need of a solid chunk of time away from TV. I saw a clip of him on the Stone Cold podcast recently, talking about how he knows when it’s time to go away for a while. That time is now. Do they have Wetherspoons in North America? He should spend the next few months launching that.

Gutted Sting and Darby weren’t the final team in the Tag Title match. When was the last time Sting didn’t wrestle on an AEW pay per view?! Should still be a fun match though. Gunns excluded, it’s like a Double J victory lap of the brilliant feuds he’s had since coming back. In fact, they should just accept the Gunns aren’t working and put the belts on Triple J. Fix the timeline. Make things right.


Manifest it. If Sami can’t raise gold in Montreal, give us the next best thing.

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39 minutes ago, hallicks said:

Is there any way of ordering this via PS4? My brother is a tad limited in his purchase options. 

Fite have a PS4 app I believe (certainly did when I used it on there).

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