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2023 predictions


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Given that we’re approaching, unbelievably, the final week of 2022, I thought it might be a good time to post a predictions thread, to see how we all do in predicting the year ahead. Here are mine…

* CM Punk won’t leave AEW, and will return to the company once he heals up.

* The Rock will wrestle at Wrestlemania, and will also end up either wrestling against or teaming with Sami Zayn at some point; after the two show great on-screen chemistry 

* FTR will rejoin WWE, but that will be the only high-profile jump from one company to the other next year.

*AEW will find its footing again, after its mediocre 2022, and ROH will barely receive a mention on AEW TV

* Vince McMahon will continually threaten to return, but it won’t happen; and the company will gradually shed McMahon loyalists such as Kevin Dunn and Bruce Prichard as the year goes on. 

*MJF will be the only person to hold the AEW World title in 2023.

*WWE will split its World titles again, and Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes will be two of the beneficiaries; both holding a belt before the end of the year.

* An ambitious one here, but by the end of the year, Stokely Hathaway will have won over most people on the UKFF.

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20 minutes ago, air_raid said:

Despite the clamour for Zayn, Cody will be the one to relieve Roman of the belts.

I'm going to add to that by stating we then get a long dull feud between Cody and a returning Randy Orton over the summer that outstays it's welcome. 

Bron Breakker will debut on Raw and float into mid-card mediocrity feduing with the Miz. 

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The Rock will return, only for the crowd to turn on him for taking Sami Zayn’s spot, similar to Batista taking Daniel Bryan’s spot.

Kenny Omega will have the match of the year with Konosuke Takeshita.

Moxley will never get that holiday break.

The Bray Wyatt Cinematic Universe will not improve.

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FTR will go back to wwe and be happily underused. Wwe make the acclaimed a better offer and offer a bigger spot than them so they sit #2 team there too

MJF will turn face too late and crowd won’t be with him. Heel punk dethrones him then the feud he has with omega will Be awful 

kane will return for the traditional first feud  with the new champ when Roman is dethroned. 

Hangman Page will continue being the greatest babyface and man in the history of our great sport 

Riddle gets released and has a great G1

paul heyman and bray wyatt have a promo that sets a new record for the most words used to say nothing in the history of recorded conversation 

brock Lesnar and Logan Paul have the match of the year on a Saudi show 

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Cody Rhodes will be getting booed by the end of the year.

FTR to go part time at AEW and go on an amazing Indy run

Hook and Jungle Boy to be tag champions

Eddie Kingston has a short title Run. 

Randy Orton to Retire

Half of HHH’s re-signings to get cut before the end of the year.


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Tony khan to pass away from a drug overdose 

Mandy rose to have more leaked footage and a porn company producing like one night in China releases it

Vince Russo to work with the nwa and cornette to have an aneurism over it 

Jaimie hayter to be the best female wrestler of the year 

Meltzer to turn on the young bucks and say they paid him for all the 5 stars

Omega to retire due to injury 

Batista to go in the hall of fame and at least one person to fall asleep during his speech

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The IWGP Women's Title will fade away once the novelty wears off.

Mizuki will win the Princess championship in TJPW, hold it for about six months and then the company will go back to either Yuka, Shoko or Miyu.

Stardom will hold more PPV's in 2023 than every other major wrestling promotion in the world combined.

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