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Good to see there will be a World Championship of Nottingham, hopefully to be contested in title vs title matches against the World Championship of Doncaster now 1PW is on the way back.

Seriously, if Lana is in your title match, you should probably consider waiting until you have a bigger Womens roster than bothering with a title at all. Womens tag match actually looks decent, to be fair.

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I wonder what the chances of this show not going ahead are. The recent WWE Live show in Newcastle which was announced a month before the event was a little over half full and the tickets were cheaper than this show on every level.

I can't imagine that this card is going to attract many casuals nor even committed fans who would need to travel further than an hour to go.

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If there were more than 250 people there I'd be surprised.

They'll probably bump everyone's seats down, like the old TNA shows over here, so no need to buy anything than the cheapest ticket. 

Is it still due to air on Fite as well?

From their website:


Includes ringside seats FREE singed merchandise and meet some of your favorite superstars

Singed merchandise; "It's just a little burned, it's still good, it's still good."

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when the promotion was first announced, the focal point was that they would be running shows in Dubai in June.

It's weird that they're doing a Nottingham show, and I assumed when that was announced that it was little more than a dry run/proof of concept/opportunity to get photo and video content for the eventual big money Dubai show, so they can afford to make a massive loss on this one. Given that "early June" was the prospective date for them running Dubai, I wonder if their first show over there fell through and they had to book this one as a last-minute make-good?

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