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Wrestling podcasts 2023


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Hello! Pete and I just wanted to say a genuine thanks so much for the kind words here, it genuinely makes it all worthwhile (I thought I'd get in on this thread while it was still good and before someone said the show was shit - although now if they do, it'll look like they're doing a bit based on me saying someone would say it was shit). I should add we don't do it alone, the tremendous BanyaBat (he's on Twitter, but I never know if he wants us to use his first name, so I've not) makes the YouTube videos based on our older shows, and he's absolutely fantastic (he also does the very good Smershpod ones). And thanks for not mentioning that I said 'WCW Intercontinental title' in the Rick Rude video instead of 'WCW International', I appreciate it. WRESTLE ME, YOU LOT

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5 hours ago, SuperBacon said:

OSW have just revealed what their new story arc is, and it's a whopper.

Lots of "bollox" to be laughed at.

New episode this Sunday!

Always enjoy their stuff, it’s felt like an age since the Warrior arc ended and although they’ve been uploading movie reviews and video game deep dives you just can’t beat a bit of “bollox”

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