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15 hours ago, DavidB6937 said:

Well I was expecting this to be another death thread so nice to see some good news for a change.

Part of the sad nature of being a wrestling fan is when you see a thread that's just someone's name, you assume it's another early death.

Happily, this is not that. Good for her. I always quite enjoyed her work in WWE (in that classic lower-card wrestler kind of way). I don't know if she did anything post-WWE, but seeing as organisations like AEW are open to having trans women in their women's division, I'd be happy to see her wrestle again as herself.

EDIT: But I will add that the anti-mask stuff is completely stupid and I disagree with what she's doing in those videos completely.

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Great, glad to see that she and her family look really happy. Good stuff. Her old wrestling name pops up during nonsensical chats between me and a few mates, those random short lived names who disappear & don’t pop up elsewhere. Always nice to see someone is doing well & happy. 

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14 minutes ago, garynysmon said:

In fairness most wrestling NEWZ! sites can barely copy and paste, so I'm not surprised.

They should hang around here for a while. Some posters here can teach them to copy and paste in double quick time. 

Good luck to Gabbi for the rest of her life, though if she keeps up the anti mask bullshit that might not be for long. 

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