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Did that really happen?

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Whether you rate him or not, the idea that there’s nothing about RVD that stands out is an opinion I can’t understand at all. I agree that by that time his main event push had been left too long

Early 2011. Dolph Ziggler shows up on Raw one random week with short, dark brown hair. He looks miserable, cut out all of his theatrical stuff, and appeared to be adopting a more serious demeanou

For weeks, RVD vs Jeff Hardy was the greatest match anyone in my year at school had ever seen. Only watching Raw and Nitro at that point, we'd never heard of him. Then this smug fucker in a tiger sing

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I woke up about 4:30am today and couldn't get back to sleep, primarily because I suddenly remembered that the Viking Raiders & the Street Profits had a "cinematic" backstage brawl that involved them falling into a dumpster containing some kind of creature, and joining forces to fight off Akira Tozawa's gang of motorcycle ninjas (including his own "personal collosus").

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