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PROGRESS is dead. The sooner the owners and fans realise that the better. They had their brief moment in the sun but the owners sold out at the first opportunity, they lost all their top guys, ran out

One factor that I think is underestimated in Progress's decline is when they started rescheduling shows because they clashed with NXT UK tapings. Not only did that kill the image when it was obvious t

I never got the punk thing, probably as it's not my personal vision of punk which is probably skewed in an odd way tbf. By the time I really looked at the promotion it felt like the Brew Dog of w

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I've had an issue for the past week where the "continue watching" timestamps don't or only intermittently work on my WWE Network.  Usual scenario is that things that I am part way through watching will appear in the "continue watching" section on the homepage, but they will always play from the start rather than where I lasted watched.  (The little red bar under the title picture is always at the start of a given show too on the home page).

This occurs on both Google Chrome pc browser, and Amazon Firestick.

Logging out and back in sometimes solves it, but not usually. 

Anyone else experiencing similar issues? 


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