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What you love and loathe about your culture/nation...


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Simple question... What do you love and dislike about your culture or nation? 

For me... 

Love: clapping when glasses are dropped, fry up on sunday morning at the cafe, helping each other in a crisis. 

Hate: Rampant racism in many parts... My dad's generation think it's their right to call people offensive names. The belief in some mythical empire that was back in the good ol days without acknowledging the hideous shit we did.. 

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I think this applies for the vast majority of cultures these days, but the overly materialistic nature of modern society, and the urge to show it off at every opportunity. I went on Facebook to send a message to an old friend the other week, so decided to look at my timeline thing for the first time in donkeys, and amongst the random memes, requests to like a little boy was 1st degree burns to "heal" him and people flogging battered old kids clothes for £3, there was a post from a woman "saying how beautiful her kids new coats were(the kids just happened to be standing in front of her brand new Merc she'd been bragging about getting, another with photo's of her kids "loving out new buy-to-let property" and another her kids "thinking our new couch is great", while sat on said couch.

It really fucks me off that sort of thing. We get new shit all the time, but have never thought about going on Facebook and rubbing everyone's noses in it. Imagine how it makes people feel that have lost their jobs and businesses this year, and these pricks are bragging about their "wealth"...

Love: Celebrating 3 points at Hillsborough(for a change!)


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Like: the remarkably persistent hatred of the Tories even as the rest of the country steps right, the Sun boycott, the historicity of the football grounds and their presence in an otherwise residential part of town.

Loathe: The aggression, the parochialism, how hard it is getting around the place without a car.

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