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26 minutes ago, Merzbow said:

How much do you think Paul Ince's bloody England shirt would go for? I bet someone owns it.

A match worn shirt tends to be around the £200/£300 mark (obviously go either way for worse/better players), so that would probably fetch roughly £500. Grim.

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This argument is a fuckin cure for insomnia isn't it? Fucking hell.

Oh Edwina!  

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Some fucking mutant at an independent show I was at in Edinburgh took the lollipop that was down Joey Ryan's trunks after it fell out of Joey's mouth during a spot on the floor at ringside the lad pure excited reached out through the railings to catch it and stood up to be the biggest attention seeking fuckwit and shouted look at me then proceeded to place the dirty lolly in his mouth. It took everyone out of the match. They ended up having to include the mutant in the match now then to get him to sit down and stop the attention seeking. 

Thank fuck Joey Ryan's done. 

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Sounds like those ones who used to go to TNA shows and rush the barrier, spoiling it for the bellends who paid £125 for a ringside seat and thought Dixie was their mate. 

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