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  1. Yes well how many wrestling styles has Big T Justice innovated? r/s
  2. Sub ten minute, multi-person tags full of flippy wankers.
  3. Zoom has widened the class divide.
  4. Nurses are having their blood drained and accountants are like "I don't want to go back to the office". Have a fackin word.
  5. Born 100 years ago this very day, the original "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers, here competing against Haystacks Calhoun.
  6. As Regal will tell you, Marty Jones vs Rollerball Rocco, 1976.
  7. Not sure how to do videos on here, but happy birthday Steve Grey, here's him against his long time rival, Mal Sanders, lest we forget some of the greats of times gone by.
  8. Rumour has it Jackie has sent in the local bobby and conducted a full on Myanmar style coup.
  9. I think I lost about 10 brain cells witnessing a Bad Bunny performance.
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