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Chippy Tea


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In Derry for Paddy’s Day. Boss. Drunk. Asked the chippy man for sausage, chips, peas and gravy. I assumed asking for peas was universally understood as wanting mushy and no psychopath would sling a quarter of a tin of marrowfat into the mix.


There’s gravy on my B&B bed.

See you in a few hours in the Fry-up thread.


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1 hour ago, Thunderplex said:

Courtesy of the Seashell.  Fish, Chips and as I’m a real man, 2 scallops.  Loaf of Warburtons toastie just off camera.

Next time let me know when you're round here!

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What's the situation with posting vegan chippy tea?

We got two different chippys here in Glasgow one called The Kent Chippy in Finneston in the west end that does a full vegan chippy menu. 

Then we got the gourmet chippy Catch which has three shops doing a vegan menu that includes a vegan version of most stuff.

Its still fattening. 


Also is it just me or has the price of a fish supper gone crazy? I've heard some of the costal resorts here in Scotland especially the likes of St Andrews it's like £13.50 for a fish supper one slice of fish. Hadn't been in my own local chippy where I live for a while and it was £8.90 for fish and chips one slice. Last time I was in was six months ago it it was £7.50. 


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