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NWA is the best.


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Just now, LEGIT said:

I thought it was ok, maybe a bit better than last week but still way off old form. Aldis for me remains head and shoulders above everyone as an absolute pro, a great interview and personality. I thought I was someone who'd enjoy Austin Idol but he's been taking over segments and annoying so far. The women in the women's match seemed very green. Kamille and Thunder Rosa are still great imo. The spine of the promotion are all still all good to watch, it's just that the spine is very depleted compared to the last few years.

It's not so much a problem with the roster for me, it's more the angles etc that they're placed it. It's really lacking the fun factor that it had when it first launched. Obviously there was an initial novelty to watching studio wrestling in the modern era, but it wasn't so much that. The show would keep you smiling throughout - you had the brilliant dynamic between Stevens and Question Mark, Eli Drake's 'merry' promos, Tim Storm trying and failing to win the title one last time (and the fall-out from that), the lunacy of Zicky Dice - there was a lot to love. Obviously the roster has changed. Unfortunately, the over-the-top fun seems to have left too. I hope they can recapture it. 

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Nobody had anything to say about the PPV? I thought it was ok. I didn't mind the Dusty finish too much. Tyrus doesn't really do the Tongan Death grip much justice. Haku probably isn't happy. 

What's really got the world talking though was what happened on Powerrr last night. Who is the masked man? Only time will tell I guess. 

Kamille looks great with belt. How she puts up with her fellas voice though I don't know. 

I bet Nick is happy to have Mickie on board now. 










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There was me hoping that this page would have exploded with comments this morning about who showed up last night............ Colby Corino! 


I really liked his attitude. I'm quite excited to see how he gets on in the upcoming 3 way match. 

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