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13 hours ago, wordsfromlee said:

In the final ever episode of Byker Grove, the characters discover that they don't exist and are the creation of unseen characters known as 'The Writers' who plan to conclude the show by demolishing the Grove. However numerous present and former Grove members buy enough time for the characters to re-write the ending so that the club will remain open forever.

Wow, that is so fucking shit.

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Today I learned Katie Holmes (❤️) has played Jackie O/Kennedy twice in two completely different things, playing the same real person twice has got to be pretty rare. 

Also I had no idea the gay black cop Julian from the best TV series ever The Shield murdered his wife a few years ago.


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TIL that UK Motorway numbers aren't sequential. The only good thing I have ever found on LinkedIn. 


Ever wondered why the first motorway in the UK was the M6? or why indeed any of the numbers are what they are? There is a reason.

Road classification work started in 1913 which ultimately split the country into 9 zones. 1-6 that fan out clockwise from London and a further 3 that fan out 7-9 from Edinburgh. The M1 runs right up the middle of the country on the edge of zone 1.

The next motorway clockwise around is the M11 - make sense? Smaller trunk roads (A&B) also follow this convention, which means you know where in the country you are by the road number. The reason the first motorway build was the M6, is because it runs along the edge of zone 6.

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