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2 hours ago, BomberPat said:

It's a shame that I find Sean Oliver to be an annoying, sycophantic prick and probable wrong'un who seems mostly motivated by being able to live vicariously through wrestlers' stories of debauchery and sexual abuse, because you're absolutely right. They work because they're not all just "tell me your memories of X", stuff like Timeline and Guest Booker were great concepts, and there's no reason they couldn't be adapted into a podcast if they do think there's more money there.

I don't find Sean Oliver quite as annoying as you do (although he is a bit), but I always appreciated the quite a lot of homework that went into his releases as opposed to that RF nonce who, as pointed out earlier, seemed to ask the same questions of everyone with no rhyme nor pattern for the interview at all.

Personally could have done without the "ho bag" stuff (which are cringey and a bit rapey even for wrestling standards), but at least I left having learned something new about the subject/topic in question even if I was lukewarm about the interviewee going in.

The thing with podcasts is that they tend to be a quick turnaround medium. Conrad Thomson is probably one of the few that makes actual money out the medium, but look at how many shows he produces every week. As far as I see the prep is basically grabbing the Wrestling Observer newsletter covering the period and taking it on the fly, while most other interviews seem to all ask the same questions and cover the same topics.

I'd happily pay a small fee if KC Commentaries transferred over to that medium though.

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Considering the subject that you're talking about, you're coming across as even more of a prick than usual.

I love books.

You'd know.  

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I admit my dislike for Sean Oliver is probably entirely irrational, tbf.

something like Guest Booker, on a smaller scale, would be ideal for a podcast setting, if there's a large enough pool of people to pull from as guests - but in that environment, where you're not charging full whack for it, you don't need to go to experienced actual bookers, you can do the odd one with a wrestler who's never been given the book and see what they come up with. Like Steve Austin always talks about, there's barely a wrestler alive who hasn't tried to "book the territory" on drives home from shows. If they had other formats to play with as well, it wouldn't have to be a new Guest Booker every week, they could mix it up like they did with the KC shoot interviews. In terms of making money from it, that pretty much lends itself to Patreon perks, too. 

The main thing comes down to having an interviewer who knows how to get the best out of their subject, which Oliver, for all his faults, usually did, and which Feinstein absolutely can't do. Knowing when to let a subject keep talking, when to drop or divert a line of questioning based on new information that comes up during the interview - RF sucked at all of that, and Sean Oliver was pretty good at it. Most podcast hosts all somewhere in the middle. 

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