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  1. Anyone with common sense knows that the landing area would be padded but surely they could have done a better production job and maybe not shown the landing. Still is a big fall and then you see the aftermath
  2. Something I don't get with wrestling fans is that we spent years berating the WWE & other companies for a style of wrestling that led to numerous concussions and then continuing to send those talents out there to perform when they should not have been cleared With Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe it appears they have shown more care regarding not wanting to clear people when there is doubt. Fans though want these guys to go out there and go full pelt again somewhere else for someone who will let them. Seems a little contradictory to me. Must be a big risk if those guys then go out and
  3. Mark Wright was also due to go to Euro 96 to play centre of the 3 but was injured. Was a very fine CB who was comfortable on the ball which was a bit different for an Englishman in the 90s
  4. I’ve been watching a lot of 80s Mid South recently and a bit of Memphis Power Pro from the late 90s and it’s striking how the crowds were made up of a widely diverse demographic. There’s a great mix of gender, ethnicity and age. If you go back and watch the early RAWs then again there was still quite a diverse crowd. It seems since the turn of the century thought that ‘the wrestling fan’ has become a bit more specific. This must have had a knock on effect on live attendance but what’s the reason for such a change? The only thing that I could think of was that older promoting seemed t
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