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  1. I don't know why they don't make RAW more like a magazine show these days. Proper sit down interviews with different hosts, maybe showing clips of the odd 'on this day' classic match, videos of the stars getting up to stuff away from the ring or about their background (where they grew up/how they got into the WWE etc.) and have matches/angles disbursed in between that get dissected by a panel (like most Sports coverage shows). It would get different formats and different hosts within the show so would presumably make it feel more lively.
  2. I've only watched Night 1 so far with my 7 year old and he absolutely loved it. I haven't really watched anything since the Royal Rumble match and I thought it was good fun too. None of the matches were sloppy and all had decent psychology (though the New Day tag was odd as they wrestled like the heels which was odd). In my eyes there is a lack of star power but my boy loved Drew McIntyre in defeat, loved watching Braun Strauman throwing Shane McMahon around thought Bad Bunny was fantastic so I suppose I'm not the target audience really
  3. I’ve been watching a lot of 80s Mid South recently and a bit of Memphis Power Pro from the late 90s and it’s striking how the crowds were made up of a widely diverse demographic. There’s a great mix of gender, ethnicity and age. If you go back and watch the early RAWs then again there was still quite a diverse crowd. It seems since the turn of the century thought that ‘the wrestling fan’ has become a bit more specific. This must have had a knock on effect on live attendance but what’s the reason for such a change? The only thing that I could think of was that older promoting seemed t
  4. Kayfabe Memories (if it's still going) has a load of content that runs through a lot of the angles (Magnum TA/Mr Wrestling II and the big Dibiase v Flair/Murdock angle)
  5. Has to be Bill Watt's Mid South. Everything had logic and was thought out to great detail. I used to get tapes of the UWF stuff and have started watching from 82 onwards on the Network and if Watts is on commentary then he really takes you through the storytelling in each big angle
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