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  1. The only wrestling that I’ve been watching recently is WWF Raw from 1994 and though the start power is down it has been great watching a show filled with colour, selling, good promos and characters. As I was at a loose end the other evening I sat and watched Impact and my god it was a tedious bore of a programme and I cannot imagine how anyone could bear to sit and watch it, let alone pay money for it. There was absolutely no believability to any of the matches (tiny guys knocking big fellas about in 50/50 matches, so many bumps with no psychology etc.), zero in terms of psychology - it was impossible to say in most matches or segments who the good guys and bad guys were and Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan seem to both being playing a similar character! The production values were poor too (being able to see that nice wooden floor) and the shots of the crowd were just depressing as everyone seemed to be over 50+ and like they had all got off the same bus. It’s such a shame that what was nearly once an alternative to WWE has fallen so badly and really it looks like everyone should just cut their losses.
  2. Could the turn not be Kofi turning on Woods/Big Eif he doesn't win the belt? Perhaps there is interference that backfires etc. and then he blames them for ruining his chance or something and then they could follow up with a BigE/Kofi programme to try and break Big E out as a future face star
  3. It was a 'Well fed dog is a slow dog' wasn't it?
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