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  1. How can he keep credibility when giving that Battle Royal 3 stars! It was genuinely one of the worst things I've seen on a wrestling show!
  2. Only watched the pre show (which I thought was awful) and highlights I’ve seen on YouTube and fair play to the them for pulling together a well attended and promoted PPV. From an in-ring production point of view then there is a long way to go for me to make it appear less like a glorified Indy and more like a no.2 with crossover appeal. The target audience is very much late 90’s/early 2000’s fans who seem to want the attitude era and cruiserweights and it looks like they got their fill however some of the talent in the battle royal ( Nakazawa, Havoc, Romero plus others) should never be on this sort of show. The athleticism of a lot of the talent is amazing to be fair but they need to tell stories that don’t just become a series of big moves with kick outs! From a logic point of view, why do the Young Bucks hit all these big double team manoeuvres if they don’t beat people with them - build to a big one and let that be the memorable finish!!! Try to have a match that people go along with the story of rather than sit and clap moves. Apart from the intermittent selling of his leg, Hangman Page looks like someone you could make money with. MJF is a great prick heel but need a heater with him to make him more believable against bigger stars at this moment. Moxley is a big signing obviously but I just find his act so forced that I don’t believe for one second he is ‘unhinged’ or the second coming of Austin but time will tell i suppose. Will be interestingly to see what happens next and they need to get exclusivity on their talent as I’ve seen so many of these guys on ROH, TNA & MLW (and still can in a lot of places). The ex WWE guys have a lot more polish overall and they could really be a player if they manage to draw one or two of the middle to upper guys over in the next year or so.
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