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I think Vince and Johnny Ace might be problematic, lads.


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Could this be the thing that finally gets Vince into the mainstream that he has so desperately craved all these years? 

I honestly can imagine Titan Towers being like the party scene from Wolf of Wallstreet. The worst thing is, none of this is even shocking anymore (in a surprise sense that is), the most shocking thing is that more hasn't been uncovered over the years.

Funnily enough, Jerry McDevitt is retiring shortly, Vince is fucked when he goes.

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Yeah, about time.  We've all known about this stuff for years, but somehow WWE escaped the Me Too movement unscathed.


This might be what finally moves WWE on from the Vince era, if that is even possible.  I wonder who will end up in charge?  12 months ago you would have said HHH, but now?  Who knows.

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