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1PW Returns


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2 hours ago, DavidB6937 said:

Where does a promotion like that fit in these days anyway? Beyond all the bollocks, is there a need for another company that brings in a few imports when the world is getting back to normal and inevitably the bigger companies will all just come over themselves. 

Certainly feels like there's a void in the UK. I wouldn't say 1PW is the answer though.

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I can't think of a better way for PWTorch to flaunt its ignorance of British wrestling than to boast of an exclusive in which they treat this guy credulously.

I look forward to their hot scoop on the return of Luton's finest fed, with quotes from the veteran promoter many have called a more handsome Paul Heyman.

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7 hours ago, Your Fight Site said:

Won’t any assets and copyright have transferred to the Crown when Danny’s limited company got struck off?

Perhaps her majesty is heavily invested. I look forward to the Balmoral Brawl.


I was going to comment I wonder how many brotitwres rotters will be involved as it was hardly clean last time but perhaps the crown owning the 1pw rights answers that question for us. 


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8 hours ago, Nostalgia Nonce said:

I thought Gauntley sold 1PW to that lad that sold title belts that didn't belong to him, and had a promo photo with his trousers down?

Following this didn't Gauntlet start some non 1PW shows that stopped before it really started?

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