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  1. That Wycombe shirt is sensational. Love it.
  2. PCW are not as import heavy as reputation would have it. Falling crowds, lack of fresh ex-WWE etc names, and lesser exchange rates means that they don't load up anymore. They generally use the same guys that do the circuit of various promotions. So far this year they have been about 20-25% imports on their shows which is comparable with the average Southside show. Rev Pro York Hall shows are now the high watermark for imports it seems, High Stakes was 43.75% imports, and Epic Encounter seems to be loaded in that regard as well. Having looked at PCW, Southside, IPW, Rev Pro, PROGRESS so far this year, top 3 shows for imports I could find were, RPW High Stakes 43.75%, Southside Battle Of The Egos 7 33.33%, RPW Live In Portsmouth 31.25%. A lot of research has gone into that post just to defend PCW.
  3. What the hell are they doing bringing in Joel Gertner. Fucking hell.
  4. Some of the misguided attempts at support on Ricky's FB are so cringeworthy. I can't lie though - the below was posted on his most recent status and had me in fits of laughter
  5. Jesus, you weren't kidding. Worst visual effect this century. I guess they spent all their SFX budget on that one zombie that looked like a ghost from Ghostbusters 2. It makes it worse considering the fact they have a character that has a pet Tiger and the effort that went into that!
  6. Decent crowd in anyway.......
  7. The name of the promotion is 5 Star Wrestling and it's being shown on Spike TV UK. But it's all under the Channel 5/Viacom umbrella so I guess the quip still applies lol I got the wrong channel. I'm still right though. There is NO WAY this will run on time.
  8. Fair play to them for getting a television deal but I can't see this show is running on schedule for TV. At what point during the main event will it cut off to show "Worlds greatest Poker scandals" or whatever Five Star usually show.
  9. Actually ashamed that he played for Aberdeen and the fact that we signed him in full knowledge of the circumstances is disgraceful. Further highlights Strachans "No morals in football" rant at the last World Cup.
  10. This tournament was my first time seeing Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne, Both are 100% stars in the making. I enjoyed the last two nights far more than anything NXT has produced. Brilliant stuff by WWE.
  11. Loads of Britwres companies have double sided ladders. They're fairly easy to get hold of.
  12. For some reason up here in Scotland they slipped an episode of You've Been Framed on inbetween WOS and Ninja Warrior. Not sure if that would have hurt the rating for WOS.
  13. That seems very familiar but I can't place where we all did this gag before?
  14. Couldn't do London so we got golden circle tickets for Dublin and general for Paris. It'll be cup-a-soups and Pot Noodles for the next few months then.