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  1. It's weird how these articles always try to pin the Leeds 2002 riots on GNR, conveniently ignoring that the delay on Friday was because The Prodigy turned up with a headline-level stageset which took forever to be dismantled. (GNR were only doing Leeds, so Prodigy were Reading headliners on the Sunday). There was a really nasty atmosphere on the Sunday which started with a massive bottle fight during Sum 41 I think it was and just escalated from there. Headliners the Foo Fighters were promoting the terrible One By One album and played a couple of really slow dirges from it and you could tell the crowd were bored, it was really cold and the security were just wading into the crowds putting out any bonfires that had been lit. It was probably inevitable there would be trouble anyway but the combo of those things on the Sunday added to it.
  2. Oasis at Hampden in 2005 was the worst crowd I've ever seen and the only time I've been in a fight at a gig (well, someone threw a punch at me - same thing). There was no booze on sale inside the stadium so loads of pissed up neds got extra drunk before they got there and that lead to there being a nasty atmosphere almost all day. And it just kicked off as soon as the came onstage and the pushing started. Horrible day. The Super Furries were excellent as a support though. The Quo have a terrible snobbish crowd that travel to all the gigs. As they're in the fan club they manage to buy up the front couple of rows almost all the time so are allowed to stand at the barrier. It's treated like a social club rather than a gig where they all just chat and mingle during the show, barely watching the band. There is/was a guy that would go to all the Xmas tour gigs wearing a Santa hat that had his Quo Fan Forum username printed on it. "Crapmodem" it was. Just desperate to be noticed. The couple of times @Bettencourtand I have managed to get to the front to stand you get lot's of tutting and dirty looks from them for daring to enjoy yourself and sing/dance along.
  3. How were they? We're seeing them in Edinburgh in a couple of weeks. Kind of wary of being in a packed crowd though.
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