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  1. Frank Gallagher and Neil Oliver. šŸ˜  The shame of both means I have short hair now.
  2. A recent example you say? Perhaps the constant, ongoing abuse Shay Logan gets from the Celtic support for committing the crime of reporting racial abuse by one of your players. And before you deflect with the "It's because he's a pure wanker and wind up merchant" excuse, before the racial abuse incident he played several times and scored against Celtic and their fans said fuck all - not a peep about him. I'm sure it's all just a coincidence that they boo him now.
  3. Gutted about Sid Haig. Rob Zombie movies are unwatchable nonsense - unless Sid was in them. Annoyed that I'm going to have to watch 3 From Hell knowing that he's apparently only in it for about 5 minutes,
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