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  1. I haven’t seen this week’s show yet, but the vibe I got from the previous week is that having beaten jolly, ‘normal’ Bray at MITB, he now has to beat Wyatt Family Bray, before presumably facing the Fiend at Summerslam in a journey linking together all their ‘history’ or something. It all seems semi-canon anyway at the minute so I wouldn’t worry too much about it!
  2. I mean he’s still going, not sure about the ‘strong’ bit.
  3. Surprised to see ol’ Tucky back last week, I thought we’d seen the last of him. Is that the first time he’s been on since before Wrestlemania?
  4. I thought that after Charly fluffed that closing line to Raw after that face to face interview thing, they just decided to run with it. She said it so awkwardly that it can’t have been what she was meant to say.
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