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  1. It's primarily there to help sell the Eubank PPV in a couple of weeks. I imagine if ITV Box Office continues, they'll have a card on ITV4 ahead of them, which makes sense. Especially as they've not exactly been promoting the PPV anywhere else yet.
  2. I've had the dvds for a while, but this is the kick up the jacksy to get going and watching the original. Regardless of whether the prequel film was any good or not, canononically is it better to watch it before the series, or after? As in, will it give away whodunnit before I've started watching it?
  3. More the opposite of this thread, but I had no idea during his brief run on ECW that Vance Archer was Lance Hoyt. Didn't recognise him with that short hair, and only realised when I wikipedia'd him after he was released.
  4. If you've got Sky, I can't recommend WWE Experience highly enough. 45 minutes once you skip the ads, and covers all the major stuff from Raw and Smackdown with Cathy Kelley offering an often outrageous amount of cleavage. When the PPVs come around, there might be the odd match or occasional wrestler I don't know, but that's more than enough for me from the main roster stuff. I work from home one day a week, so usually save up NXT and the CWC to have on in the background. Maybe I'm just not as interested in wrestling any more, but I find that watching a whole episode of Raw just never seems to end.
  5. He's been alright in WWE so far, something a bit different, and he seems a nice guy. That said, I'm not a fan of his boxing commentary. His enthusiasm is a bit of a novelty for a while, as is his occasional wrestling references, but then it takes him about two seconds to go in to overkill with whatever angle he decides to push for a certain fight - he'll mention Mexico v Puerto Rico about a thousand times whenever two fighters from those countries go against each other, and how every fight at the StubHub/HomeDepot Center is a 'Fight of the Year candidate'.
  6. Good point. She sounded like Sally Draper on the early series of Mad Men when she had a lisp.
  7. Thanks ebb, will try to. Only problem is getting the Champions League final in at some point (not in person, mind), but that'll probably have to be sacrificed. Cracking weekend of sport when you throw in the golf, Monaco and Indy. For armchair sports fans, the May Bank Holiday is probably as good as it gets every year.
  8. I'm going, the first fight I've been to in a couple of years (pretty much since I decided never to give Warren a penny of my money ever again) and really looking forward to it. Doing the double header with the Premiership final at Twickenham with my dad. Mega looking forward to it, seems like a proper big fight event for the first time in ages.
  9. It's how he does things, the man is an absolute cretin. After the farce of Khan v Kotelnik when he shifted it from London to manchester at about 3 weeks notice, completely fucking up my non-refundable train tickets and hotel room I promised never to give the slimeball another penny of my money ever again. Except for me getting some dirt, dirt cheap tickets for the Magnificent 7 card in Birmingham a few years back I've stuck to that. Never once had any inclination to shell out for BoxNation or any of his shows since then and never will.
  10. It's up on Sky Go at the minute if you've got your login, though you might have to be quick as episode 4 could go behind the PPV paywall after tonight's episode goes on there.
  11. Last year didn't feel like a TV taping at all. There were no backstage bits shown as they were all edited in afterwards and there was no clear distinction between when one show finished and the other started. It felt a bit odd, more like a standard house show except you saw Bobby Roode and James Storm what seemed like a million times throughout the night. 3.5 hours will be more than enough, especially when a typical Impact must be around 80 or 85 minutes in length once you take out the ad breaks.
  12. With the old modify headers trick on Firefox, you can watch the NBC Game of the Week live on their website most Sunday evenings at 5.30pm. They're the ideal introduction games-big teams, often big rivalries and it's on at a convenient time.
  13. I'll take One Man Gang/Akeem please.
  14. I've not seen much from the first half of this year, but the three obvious standouts for me are Brandon Rios v Mike Alvarado, Robert Guerrero v Andre Berto, and Pacquiao v Marquez IV from this weekend. Apparently Brian Viloria v Hernan Marquez was very good as well, but I've not seen that yet.
  15. Twas one of the first things I thought of when I saw it. Almost certainly the best punch I've seen since Martinez v Williams. Lost all interest in it to be honest, but I'd say it was more likely to happen after Pac v Marquez 4. Pac didn't look great in that fight, but he got the win, so for me, that was the time when Floyd would have thought it was the best time to fight him. Whereas now after back-to-back defeats, Floyd is probably thinking he's well above him and is justified in not taking the fight. I've not worded that well, but hopefully you get the gist. So what's everybody's pound-4-pound top five after last night then? Mine looks something like... 1. Mayweather 2. Martinez 3. Marquez 4. Pacquiao 5. Ward