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  1. They deserved being put out of business for those horrendous opening credits. A time lapse of a studio set build that felt like it was in slow motion.
  2. And also had a brief run as Rollins’s lackey after Vega kicked him out of that group. It was a horrendous run from start to finish. He looked like a chump, showed absolutely zero charisma and I’m not sure if he ever actually won a match. No idea what they see in him, especially to keep him around after those allegations.
  3. I’m not sure any of them could. I seem to remember that spell when they did multi-brand matches like a Royal Rumble or MITB and had every commentator from the two or three shows calling the match at the same time. Striker would say something stupid, and the rest of them would rinse him for the next 10 minutes. Heard him doing some boxing the other week, which was a bit weird. Seems to still have the same style I’d say.
  4. The only thing people can really do is go on a walk, so you are bound to see lots of people about, just like back in last Spring. If you are worried, at this time of year try going for a walk first thing or in the evening when it is dark still. In more ‘school news’, my wife, who is early years lead at her school is having to teach her set of key worker kids in the classroom while at the same time live streaming various activities and chunks of the day to the rest of the class watching at home. Sounds a recipe for disaster and not much use for anyone really, I presumed those at hom
  5. The weekend before Christmas, he did the Golovkin fight on DAZN, Mauro commentated on Showtime and Matt Striker commentated on the Gilberto Ramirez fight for FITE TV.
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