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Can You Name Every WWE Intercontinental Champion?


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15 minutes ago, LSM said:


Fun little game from the Inside the Ropes guys.

20 minute time limit to name all 86 Intercontinental champions.

I got a score of 66 which I'm fairly happy with seeing as though I hardly follow WWE these days. Some infuriatingly obvious names I missed though.

It was indeed a fun little game. I got them all in 3:59, but then I do do that quiz fairly regularly on Sporcle when I need a distraction from work/life.

Getting them all in chronological order is the real challenge!

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73 out of 86.

Nailed the late 80s through New Generation era, but once it got the late 90s it started to get tricky. Then 2005 onwards is a bit difficult because it chopped and changed often between the same pool of guys that had already been championĀ there were few unique champions to pinpoint. Couple of guys too that Iā€™ve got absolutely no memory of it even happening.

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50. I was pretty good with the era where I started watching (The New Generation), I got a fair few from The Attitude Era and gotĀ a dozen from the last ten years but there were some huge gaps in the mid 90's,Ā the mid 2000's and a lot of stuff after 2013 as I stopped watching for a bit.

I thought I would have got more but I must have blocked a few awful title reigns from my memory.

Who knew freakin' Ryback had the title?

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