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Hall of Fame 2020/21

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1 hour ago, Dzeko10 said:

When did Kurt Angle get inducted into the HOF, was it 2017? 

More to the point who's the biggest names not actually in it? Just Undertaker, Rock, Triple H, Cena? 

Triple H is in as part of DX, probably be another 2-3 years before he gets a solo one

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1 hour ago, air_raid said:

I know discussing criteria for going in is total bollocks, but on the scale of guys like Rikishi and Godfather getting in for “being over for a bit during the last boom” then Kane going in is completely merited. That run of match-cancelling walk ins where he annihilated the Hardys in their plaid jobber leggings, Ahmed, Flash Funk and Dude Love was some of the most effective introductory booking/writing of the late 90s.

Still has heat with me for kiboshing that Flash Funk vs Shawn Michaels match, haha!

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I wonder if they'll bother with a Warrior Award this year. It'd be a nice sentiment if they gave it to Shad Gaspard for making the greatest sacrifice of them all, but chances are it'll just go to some random charity person who nobody really knows much about.

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Love RVD. He's probably content enough to take whatever legends options they throw his way and revert to being cool whatever, but some live faux pas on his part would be much appreciated. Guy will probably have his speech papers smoked by the time he gets onstage. 

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