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Deck the halls


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We’d usually put ours up last weekend in November, but it looks like I’m going to be working so we put it up last night


Can’t recall if I posted this at the time, but last year we decided to go with an extra tree in our dining room, and as most of you will know I do the Inside Oz Podcast, so last year we debuted Simon Adebi-Tree where I work on the show


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I've not put any decorations up yet, this weekend most likely, but I have volunteered for a short charity panto at work. 

They never normally do anything like that and other places I've worked used to run one each year for staff and families which was always nice so I'm hoping it goes well. 

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On 11/24/2020 at 3:20 PM, Ralphy said:

Sadly, we dont bother to put the tree up now as my dad wont allow it, so this is about as good as it will be from now on

I just miss the lights really, something soothing about them 


Is Ken Loach directing your Christmas? Get yourself a cheapo mini tree and some battery powered lights for your room. (I say battery powered because I know you and your dad have issues and it will come at no expense to him if they’re battery powered)

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I've never decorated my flat before, so didn't actually own any Christmas decorations. I'm ordinarily not at home for Christmas, and live alone, so never really saw the point decorating. 

I'll be at home this time and, all going well, the other half will be joining me, so I just picked up some cheap lights at the Pound Shop and draped them across half the living room. I'll be getting a little tabletop tree and some other bits, but this is it for now.


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