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38 minutes ago, CleetusVanDamme said:

Resident Evil: 4, 2, REmake, 3, REmake 2, Revelations 2, REmake 3, 1, 6, 7, Revelations, Zero, 5, Chode Veronica.

You missed out RE: Gun Survivor 1 & 2

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GTA: V, SA, VC, 3, 1...IV, 2

Legend of Zelda: BOTW, LTTP, TP, OOT, LBW, LA, MC, SS.........then all the cel-shaded shite (suck it @FelatioLips)

Game of Thrones: 4,6,3,2,7,1,5,8

World Cups since football was invented (1992): 14, 98, 18, 94, 02, 06, 10

Euros: 96, 08......the others......16

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